Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Zima, Dragnet, Deadpool, Kubo, Lion

ZIMA: This philter is being made available again. From what I have tried before, it is more or less nothing more than a sort of 'boozenberry'-flavored "7-Up beer" that resembles holy water in that crisp bottle, like "Angel Beer", as it were. Like all the robust flavor was drawn out of it as a sort of 'beer lightest', and otherwise the veritable girly 'Boone's Farm of beers'. I imagine the same types who drink this are the same types who 'vape'. No thanks, unless it is offered for free.

DRAGNET {Drac's Choice}: Arguably one of Dan Akroyd's best performances {only topped by Ghostbusters, in My estimation}. Here he portrays Sgt. Friday with an almost robotic flourish, though any "wildside" deviating from the total straight edge qualities manifest with eating hearty Pink's Hot dogs {renamed "Police Dogs"}, and smoking; while Tom Hanks portrays his veritable polar opposite, a party dude attitude partner named "Pep Streebek". Once he gets cleaned up with a haircut, they hit the beat together against a societal terror named "P.A.G.A.N.", or "People Against Goodness And Normalcy", in what amounts to what christians attempted to typecast Satanists into during the absurd Satanic Panic hysteria. However, the costumes and Altar arrangement are inspirational. Note: during the introduction, former Jr. High St. Charles Borromeo & haunt The Donut Hole are displayed. 4/5

DEADPOOL: A very Lokian characterization seemingly incongruous to the Ninja-like impressive outfit. Dark humor abounds in combination with stealthy acrobatics, lethal situations, death and mutilations. 3.5/4

KUBO: A young Japanese boy named Kubo {"depression" in Japanese} with the ability to materialize and animate matter with his shamisen {which one would have seen Morticia playing from time to time}, whose mother goes into a trance during the day, is adopted by a baboon monkey, who herself falls in love with a huge Samurai beetle. Completely animated CGI cartoon. 3/5

LION: A tale about a little dot-Indian Boy losing his way one day with his big brother on a train, who after a misadventure avoiding pederasts, ends up adopted by an Australian couple where he is raised, yet eventually develops wanderlust and a determination for self-discovery, which leads him back to India to his village to find his long lost family, which he finds via tracing his steps along a favorite pathway utilizing google earth. The film is named "Lion" presumably because of his leonine long hair mane resemblance, and inner strength. 2/5

~ Mr. Hellvedere.

Tags: diary, dracling, dracumentary, films, morticia, movies, nefarious news, satanic panic

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