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The question has arisen if there is any usefulness of this so-called "St. Valentine's Day" to The Satanist. First, we must ascertain the origins of this cultural holiday:

I. THEIR HISTORY: Who was "Saint Valentine"? This was indeed a martyred Catholic Saint of Marriages who was sentenced to be beaten to death by clubs and beheaded by Emperor Claudius II on February 14, 270 A.D. for performing clandestine marriages when it was illegal to do so under his rule in an effort to garner the attention of men to join the army instead of being excessively preoccupied with wives & children.

In the wake of Lupercalia, The Festival of Lust & Love, Pope Galasius changed the Pagan Holiday in 496 A.D. to acknowledge this Priest instead. However, we shall continue to acknowledge this day as Lupercalia proper, dedicated unto Lilith & Pan-Dionysus {Satan/Baphomet}, nymphs & satyrs, succubi & incubi. Considering the meaning of Lupus is Wolf, no wonder humanimal wolves are on the prowl 'neath the Lupine Moon!

Lupercalia is ideal for "How To Become A Werewolf: The Fundamentals of Lycanthropic Transformation" [The Devil's Notebook.

II. Culturally, this holiday can be personally manipulated and beneficial, and is indeed useful as a means of seduction & flirtation, which will ideally lead to sexual gratification. Also, a wonderful opportunity to gather and play games like spin the bottle, truth or dare, and sexual trivia with those of your preference, as well as view erotic presentations, indulge in sexperimentation & fantasies realized, for education and elucidation, and practice various fetishes.

In other words & deeds, if you turn the valentine heart* upside down, it becomes a derriere, or breasts, lips, labia, even the tip of the thorn shaft, testicles, or, if you display this... you'll get this!

Interestingly, however, is the herd's rather disturbing custom to dispense dead flowers unto one another like so many painted corpses, like xmas trees of death displayed in living rooms, instead of alive and thriving in the forest where they belong, or even upon one's very own property. So perhaps instead of dead flowers, living flowers and/or plants presented in pots, or even seeds may be offered and preserved the year through to represent the burgeoning and growing love/lust of those participating. Of course, roses and lilies are a popular choice for their resemblance to the beauteous embrace of her nether regions..

III. Amusingly appropriated items more available afterwards like candied treats, devil dolls, & lip pillows to decorate the harem chamber/bedroom with.

Infernal regards for a most passionate celebration! Joy to The Flesh forever! Go forth and hunt, sublime Satanimals! Sin sumptuously and plentifully! Hail Satan!
* Which moreso resembles a pair of full lips.

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