Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Symbols & Questions

✈️ Jumped out of a plane... No, despite the DB Cooper rumors.
💙 Piercings... No. But would do so on a single ear like a pirate.
✈️ Flown a plane... No, but did ride a TWA to The Vatican.
🚙💨 Driven 100+ miles in a car... Yes, because I Am Batman.
😎 Gone ziplining... No, but definitely would. Because again, I Am Batman.
🚼 Children... Yes, Samhain cat and Turbo Boy!
😷 Surgeries... 1. Tonsils removed.
🏥 Broken bones... Left arm broken in 6th grade while playing yardball.
🔫 Shot a gun... Yes, right through the roof!
👋 Quit a job... No.
👶 Watched someone give birth... Not live. On video, yes, of a former playmate. Saw dogs do so on a couple of occasions.
😞 Watched someone die... Not live, but witnessed degeneration of accursed until death, and otherwise subsequently hear about the news of a sacrifice's demise.
🍁 Been to Canada... No.
🚑 Ridden in an ambulance.. Yes, once for accidentally ingesting "edibles" due to the donor's hobo meal mix.
🎈Ridden in a hot air balloon... No, but definitely would, because it looks like fun.
🗼Been to Europe... Yes, to Italy to The Vatican, and would like to tour the rest of the Mediterranean ancestral homelands, especially Spain.
🌍 Stamps in passport... Yes, Mother has it somewhere.
🏦 Been to Washington D.C.... No, but came close to New York City to and from Italy. Would go and visit certain persons for certain observations, however.
🌞 Visited Florida.. No, nor care to, but would go to Disneyworld if I was there for whatever reason.
🗻 Visited Colorado... No, but would visit Casa Bonita, a theme park total environment restaurant.
🎉 Visited Mexico... Yes, but only just as far as Tijuana, where I acquired a really nice leather biker jacket which became Devil Dave's constant "armor" attire.
🎲 Visited Las Vegas... Yes, was legally married there {since divorced}, and enjoyed some of the local attractions around Halloween like The Fright Dome {Friday the 13th of the 666th year of Satan to be exact}.
🎤 Sang karaoke... Not publicly, not counting private performances.
🐶 Had a pet(s)... Have and had. Several cats, dogs, rats, & snakes.
🐘 Rode an elephant... Yes I believe, at Circus Vargas.
🎿 Been downhill skiing... Not skiing, but did boogie board on the snow once with friend Rick once, and coasted down a twisting sledway near Santa's Village.
🎷 Ability to read music... Some. Actually taught Myself The Hymn of The Satanic Empire from The Devil's Notebook before the release of The Satanic Mass CD; I thought it sounded familiar, then it turns out I actually heard it on Bob Larson's Talk Back Show on a couple of occasions when interviewing various Satanists thereon. Also played bass and sang vocals for a couple of bands. Seems like I naturally take to a variety on instruments with surprising flourish.
🚵 Driven a motorcycle... Yes, and ridden upon one on various instances as a little Dracling with the donor when we lived in Pacoima.
🏇 Rode a horse... Oh yes. Used to go at least once a year to a stable near Magic Mountain, and remember it being fun going through trails upon various terrain.
🏥 Stayed in a hospital... Yes, for that edibles incident, because I really thought it was necessary, despite the fact that I despise hospitals.
💉 Donated blood... No, and do not care to do so.
🚗 Driven a stick shift... Yes, but prefer automatic.
🚓 Rode in a police car... Yes, on several occasions due to Devil Dave's shenanigans.
😇 Grandkids... No, but I Am one.
🚤 Driven a boat... Yes, with the uncles when we went to Pyramid Lake with Devil Dave's drinking buddies known as "The Deathbangers".
🐌 Eaten escargot... No, nor care to.
👽 Seen a UFO... Actually perceived one directly above Me and several acquaintances' heads at the time at Turnbull Canyon. An omnipresent vibration and low humming sound.
🚢 Been on a cruise... No, but would be pleased to do so.
⛽️ Run out of gas... Not that I recall.
🍣 Eaten sushi... Absolutely. Took a shine to it when eaten cold in 6th grade through a Korean acquaintance, whom I would trade lunch with.
👩‍🎤 Dyed your hair... Yes, I dyed My hair black once, and while it did look very cool like Conan, I prefer My own hair color, which is basically black with natural reddish highlights.
👙 Skinny dipped... Yes, in a Jacuzzi with an acquaintance and an attractive girl that was at a graduation party.
🌲 Cut down your own Christmas tree... No, and do not care to. I do not celebrate "Christmas", as it is not My religious practice, but Yule trees should be decorated alive and kept in the forest where they belong.

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