Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Batman appears!

I Am pleased to come into possession of this shirt recently, which I feel displays the true essence of this archetypal characterization, demonstrating a veritable Black Devil presentation, rather than lesser mockable variations. The beast depictions are undoubtedly The Dark Knight graphic novel/comic series and the Tim Burton films, complemented by the subsequent Batman Begins & beyond.

While hunting for other supplies and apparel, the shirt seemingly appeared unexpectedly, and was immediately acquired. This undershirt features the two-toned textures of the hellegant blackground with the apropos depiction with vampiric cowl & "ears"/horns, and Addamsesque pinstripes framing roundabout, with piercing demonic glowing eyes when the lights go out...

From the ever carnal and indulgent Bruce Wayne, to the Hell Knight dispensing with Lex Satanicus/Talionis Draconian Justice where deserved, The Satanic Ninja emerges from the fog and darkness of the shadow side, from inner and outer nature materialized. ∞

Hail The Batman.

Tags: archetypes, batman, black earth, clothing, comics, ninja, oddities, possession, possessions, product review, shirt

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