DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Valley Shenanegans

The last day of the month was filled with notable activity:

Samhain The Hunter

Upon awakening, what did I see, but a veritable Dracmas present preserved upon The Porch from our resident ferocious feline Samhain, which is always a proud moment, like a baby’s achievement, and an appreciated sentiment. The last time this happened, it was another cat pet named Genie, on Friday the 13th, in the wake of the Paris Bombings. Quite a prediction! ∞

Blackie The Protector

Then one of the mini Doberman pinschers made it over the wall to the neighbor’s house. Being a veritable watch dog, even taking a protective stance, this little fellow has a tendency to jump around overlooking on the roof, so he somehow figured out a way onto the neighbor’s back yard, probably to play with their pups, and was returned in short order. ∞

Kickapoo, is that you?

While out and about, I spotted an individual which greatly reminded Me of Kickapoo from The Pick of Destiny who could very well be upon his own quest through The Valley where he must walk. Also kind of reminded Me of someone Devil Dave would have befriended, what with a metal shirt which sort of looked like it could have been Exodus, along with a buddy wearing a Frank Zappa shirt. ∞

All Aboard The Bitch Bus!

Amusing though predictable ebonics commentary on drivers and passengers from someone who needs either medication, a cigarette or to get laid - maybe both, one after the other latter, which I would be happy to oblige. From a passenger who snuck by behind a lady in an attempt to distract himself from paying fare, and when reprimanded, offered an expired card, who was then admonished to "Pay the machine". To advising an elderly rider that only two wheelchairs are accepted per vehicle, with no additional room for a walker, which do actually fold in half; then elbowing a disabled rider who accidentally bumped into her, to placing another rider on the spot by calling "Hey Nordstrom Rack!" for his employment at the store's name on his shirt, for not paying the full fare, who then submitted a sobby diatribe of discrimination, being underpaid, and going hungry, though he quite honestly did not look like he's missed too many meals {if "moobs" are any indication}; loudly critiquing other drivers' obliviousness to the course of the large transit vehicle, and more. ∞

Incident on Sherman Freeway

The sounds of racing vehicles blazing down the urban highway yields a suspect car pursued by an unmarked car with a single light in the rear window, followed by two units a short time later, which was then followed by paramedics, then a firetruck, topped by a chopper! Yet even that was not as dramatic as a recent surrounding occurrence at a former residence wherein the chase was witnessed both on the monitor AND the nearby street, in 3D surround! ∞

~ Mr. Hellvedere

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