DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Wrecking Yard revisited...

Went to a smaller wrecking yard yesterday to aid another acquaintance, much for the same reason as the previous trip, but spent less than half the time there, as it is meant to be, just to acquire certain items, then leaving immediately afterwards, like a stealth Mission completed. At least the Cthulhu mascot hand stamp is amusing. Squid ink?

These undesirable places sort of remind Me of recycling centers, but instead of general discarded items, auto parts in particular are recycled instead. Feels like a demolition derby, with Me wearing a mech suit Like Robocop, or driving a tank through there, and otherwise can inspire a sense of playfulness and artistry along with the business at hand. The Satanic Ninja emerged as I found a part with serrated edges which reminded Me of a giant shuriken, or something Giger or Rex Church would use.

Still definitely not My preferred place to visit, falling more under the lines of Do What Must Be Done, despite the two cute cashiers currently working there, who can pick My part any time.

~ Mr. Hellvedere.

Tags: autobiography, automotive, biography, black earth, diary, dracumentary

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