Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Flaming Wok


The Flaming Wok

Arleta, CA

Upon a blustery night that chills to the bone, was a trip embarked to ignite the primal hellfire, spawned from The Far East under the aegis of Yen Lo Wang, to indulge in a feast fit for a Beast, devouring generous portions with hearty gusto.

The Dragon enjoyed so-called "Combo B" comprised of two entrees selected as Beef with green beans & Kung Pao Chicken, with fried rice & chow mein, all of which is absolutely scrumptious, though the order was slightly different than originally stated. What was revealed was Broccoli Beef instead of Green Beans, with only 6 eggrolls instead of the 10 ordered. One had to await an approximated 5 minutes for more to be prepared, yet no one was notified of anything for more than that expanse, and upon inquiry, were not even ready, so one had to await yet another 5 minutes to complete the order. Then while patiently awaiting, another desirable item mentioned in the menu was contemplated, such as the cream cheese fried wonton, which was unavailable. Even the previously considered Mongolian Beef was also unavailable! So Beef & green beans were replaced, but even that was misconstrued.

The cute little asian girl seemed inexperienced, fumbling through the register process and stuttering, while she had to reset/restart the register no less than twice until achieving the incorrect result. Yet still the meal was greatly relished. It seems the professionalism derived from the rear cooking area, while the front attendants were fumbling along all the while.

The decor consists of a general fast food establishment with a few tables and chairs, white walls with some black tiling, a television tuned to 'Telemundo', and a gold painted Buddha statue nested upon a few coins & loose change. My advice is to enrich the environment with cultural paintings, bamboo frames, rice paper partitions, Chinese music and/or presentations, and candles or lanterns at tables and ceiling hangings for a more immersive experience, otherwise this place is recommended for takeout to one's own imaginative themed dining.

FOOD: 5/5
TOTAL: 3/5

P.S.: Horns & Thorns up to the lovely girl with the long black hair & legs who gave Me quite a show while she & I waited for our orders.
Addendum: It seems strangely appropriate that this review was written in the wake of The Chinese New Year of the Rooster, or Cockatrice.

Tags: black earth, dining, food, snackrifice, total environment

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