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Stealthily deposited near The Porch was this publication, whose value delves no deeper than the interesting illustrations, as these propaganda pamphlets tend to do. Put out by an outfit called "The Church on The Way", who have been praeying upon their congregations for decades since The Satanic Panic.

Besides some of the cool art, especially the depictions of devils & demons*, the nazarene is typically depicted as a seemingly happy desert hobo probably smelling like fish {flatly dehydrated & salted, of course, expanded with water, which explains the "feeding of the multitudes" story}, and stoned on weed & wine {also probably powdered & added to water}.

Actually, upon contemplating the overall question, the logical answer is Man created both. So-called "God" as wishful thinking and surrogate tyrannical parental figure, and The Devil as a Satanimalistic reflection of The Self. In an I-theistic sense, so-called "God" Self did indeed 'create' The Devil as a reflection of The Self. Period.

* It is also rather reminiscent of Number of The Beast by Iron Maiden as well.

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