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Bitches of Christ...

From time to time, I receive amusing email from the pretentiously ignorant, most of which I disregard. However, sometimes such messages are so apalling or pretentious that I feel it would be entertainaing to address them, in an effort to provide a basic elucidation to newer readers of The Shadowmantium {although a real Satanist will be able to see right through these already}. Following is such a message:

Thursday 03/24/2005 3:41:31pm

Name: [with-held]
Referred By: Search Engine
Religion: united methodism
Church of Satan member? no, but i know plenty of members
Profession: artist
Hobbies: eating kittens

{Speaking of so-called "cute"!}

Comments: cute site, i mean realy, it looks like hexen threw up in here. sites like this are the reason i can never take satanism seriously,

{He limits the depiction of Satanism to the web, while at the same time not appreciating the multimedia psychodrama present with net resources. Our literature is widely available, though his insincerity will probably handicap him from persuing its acquisition.}

from the use of the french cross (which is a common christian symbol, and on one of the flags of the provences of france, i belive normandy)

{The so-called "french cross" he is referring to is the inverse cross, which is meant here to represent the opposing viewpoint to that of blindlight spirituality - neither the French nor the Norse retain a corner market on this image. Symbology is used at the discretion of philosophers and artists. While it may be used from time to time by Satanists, it is definitely not our major icon.}

to that great drawing fo the devil giving the horns, (oh ya, real heavy metal)

{Note how he automatically connects the Heavy Metal genre with The Cornu, which to The Satanist, contains a profound meaning, signifying The Horns of Satan countering the tyrrany of blindlight foolosophy, and an affirmation of the realities of life, as well as representing the lustful fecundity of the imagination; and various dualities contained in one whole. Its origins predate Heavy Metal music, and even christianity.}

and the referance to "satans" ouija, and "satans" tarot (both of which have monotheistic origins)

{These occult devices are now giving The Devil His due, instead of the neo-pagan obfuscation which for far too long have been prevalent in the culture. These devices work according to the perceptivity of the operator, which also offer various perspectives, frequently inspiring introspection, motivating personal evolution and self-awareness.}

you forgot "satans" TV and "satans" ham radio,

{The irony eclipses the sarcasm, in the fact that the television and the radio have been considered "infernal machines" which promote the evolution of the civilization, whereas the "god-type" would prefer to keep the herd-rabble in ignorance and subjection. Inventors have always been considered in league with The Devil, as their accusers could not seeminly fathom an autonomous mind realizing one's ingenuity and imagination. Despite this heretical inventiveness, blindlighters utilize this technology to manipulate the human flock now, as well as secular sources, as in television being the new and prevailing god of the masses.}

i hear deamons on there all the time. i could write a couple pages on how you took holy symbols of christianity, judiasm, and a couple of pagan religeons, and how you also took magic (no im not going to fucking spell it "magick") from monotheism as well,

{Of course these symbols have been utilized to establish philosophically metaphorical points; and Satanists do not spell Magic with a 'k' either. Dr. LaVey explained it well when he wrote "Those that spell Magic with a 'k', aren't." I concur, for most that do are merely either pseudo-Satanists, Crowley-worshippers, and/or Magical wannabe's.}

look me up on mmdn ( thats , oh ya, im a big manson fan, and i do respect levay to a point, but many of his followers are no better then the christians who they claim to dispise, some are far meaner then any christians i have ever met)

{He is obviously not familiar with upstanding members of The Infernal Empire; and even if actual members of The Church of Satan decide to deride the blindlight, it would be as a catharsis. Perhaps the fact that 'they' are considered 'mean' is because the accusations contain undefiled truth with a deeper and more profound analysis than mere name-calling.}

acctualy i think i will go into "magick" the word and idea originate with one john dee of england, i belive he was a bishop in the catholic church and wrote about "enochian magick" (enochian coming from the book of enoch which is where most of our knowledge [or percieved knowledge] of angels from, enoch was the grandfather of noah and is said to have ascended into heaven and been transformed into the metatron, therefore being gods consort to man, and possessing a language to comunicate with angels, magick is from the zoroastrian spelling of a common christian, jewish, and pagan practice which is a form of meditation and halucination) it is belived that this is acctualy the code dee used to communicate with the queen of england as a founding member of the british secret service, he was deposed by the catholics who belived him to be a heretic, about this time the inverted pentagram was also being divorced from mainstream christianity, (it is still present in masonic symbology, which is where levay got it from, the baphomet similarly comes from a christian superstition about muslims)

{John Dee mistranslated the word "angles" for "angels" - for those sincerely interested, an elaboration is available in the introductory chapter about The Enochian Keys in The Satanic Bible. The Baphomet is a variation on 'Mahomet', with the goat-depiction originating from the Egyptian 'Amon', who was represented by The Ram, who has since transmutated through various cultural manifestations to represent Pan, Dionysis, et al - gods of the flesh and carnal indulgence. The Knights Templar revered the Baphomet image as The Sabbatic Goat of Mendes, as depicted by Eliphas Levi, representing the reconciliation of opposites, The All-One. A metaphorical depiction of dual potential. An elaboration on The Sigil of Baphomet is also available in The Satanic Bible, as well as on The Official Church of Satan website, written by High Priest Peter H. Gilmore. Masons currently use the Pentagram to represent The Eastern Star, which may have its origins to represent Lucifer, the Bearer of Light and the torch of wisdom/reason. Being that the founding fathers of The United States were Masons, it would not be surprising that they were actually de-facto Satanists! Certainly many of their statements were so.}

much later alester crowley claimed his gaurdian angel told him of many things, and brought back most of these originaly christian and jewish ideas which had turned into obscurety, and become occult, into full fledged devil worship (at least thats what he called it, both his writings and those of lovecraft are ripped off of the bible, in some cases word for word)

{First of all, Crowley himself was not a Satanist, but a theist, formulating his own system of ceremonial 'magick' largely based on the grimoires of Solomon, and other subsequent authors. Satanists use the term "devil-worship" to describe those who remain in the christian paradigm and worship "the bad guy" in that belief-system. Apart from exploiting some of the imagery for psychodramatic purposes, we do not personally ascribe to that characterization, but rather, prefer more of a Miltonian personage - Satan-Lucifer as heroic rebel and liberator; ergo, His own God. These personality-traits are naturally recognized by The Satanist in oneself.}

this is why most of your symbols are acctualy those of your "enemys",

{Symbols are inherently organic, in that they evolve as does history, reflective of the particular culture and theology of the time. forming multiple aesthetic and ideological variations. True enemies are far and few, as the majority who would deem to counter Satanism attempt to do so based on what they do not know, and as such, are disregarded. True hate is as rare as true love, and most are unworthy of either.}

i have met many satanists, and have a begrudging freindship with one who is a close freind of blanche barton, you guys dont seem to have much in common with the satanists i have met, which were for the most part level headed and intellegent people that didnt take their ceremonies as literal as you have.

{Satanists are fierce individualists, and may hold many differeing opinions, which makes for quite an intellectually-stimulating environment, all of which contributes to the overall persuit of knowledge. Approaching an issue from many possible angles will eventually synthesize an evolved analysis, thus thwarting static-thought, which would halt progress. So, as Magister Paradise would say, "Ever Forward!" Hail SATAN}.

In Nomine Satanas,
Warlock Draconis Blackthorne.

* For more amusement: Bitches of Christ


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