DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Death cult parade


An odd bit of happenstance whereupon a morbid fanfare did parade down the public street nearby as a practice of xmas celebration for a christian sect known as the Orthodox. What did I spy but no less than a mostly naked bloodied figure nailed upon a cross, carried sideways, complete with the singing of hymns, zombified congregants carrying candles, and funereal incense trailing along behind.

It seems part of this denomination's reverence for their god is to carry on with a humiliating sacrificial display whereupon all who care to gaze thereunto may do so for a cheap R rated thrill. Every year upon the 7th & 8th of January does this death cult tradition transpire, and makes for a disturbing horror spectacle for most, an amusing one for others.

Tags: blindlighters, christianity, christinsanity, crucified, cults, diary, herd mentality, psychology of religion, religion, xmas, xoids, zombies

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