Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Haunted Broadway


The Broadway. Panorama City, CA

Traveled to this former Broadway 'Walmart' recently both to replace something and perform a cursory observation/investigation. There certainly is a sort of negative atmosphere present, both outside and inside this establishment. While coursing by various less populated sections therein, a certain sense of desolation pervades, especially evident near the restrooms and staff break rooms. Outside, one perceives a sort of cool malevolence overall.

As it happens, urban legends usually contain a nugget of truth to its origins.

LEGENDS: The ghost of a woman and the ghost of a little girl haunt the store on the 3rd floor. The woman can be spotted throughout the store, while a girl's laughter can be perceived on the 3rd floor.

FACT: A teenage boy was crushed by an elevator's counterweights while climbing out of the roof hatch after the elevator became stuck. His two friends survived by remaining within, awaiting rescue. The 3rd floor is not accessible via the regular elevators, but can be accessed by staff via an auxiliary elevator. The floor was closed shortly after the Beazer incident, and is now used for storage purposes.

However, whereupon embarking the elevator, I spotted an individual donned completely in black, with trenchcoat, which no one else seemed to notice. Could this have been Beazer?

CONCLUSION: Parapsychodramatic projections from fearful contemplation generate manifestations in the case of the woman and the girl.

* Local News in Brief: Boy Killed in Elevator Accident Identified | Officials Tell of Youth's Fatal Flight From Stalled Elevator

Tags: black earth, dracumentary, ghosts, paranormal, parapsychology, possessions, supernatural, tales from the darkside, tales from the shadowside

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