Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

The Breakfast of Justice

Collected this cereal upon a recent excursion to the market place, positioned immediately to the left of the Superman option. One great benefit of all these superhero movies is the ready availability of certain desirable items related thereof. I recall picking up the previous version, which had a much more impressive presentation and inclusion in My estimation, but this was also a pleasing possession as well. A bat shaped chocoberry-flavored crunchy treat, with milk turning to chocolate, the bat insignia on the box itself is impressively fashioned with a leathery texture.

It is also quite amusing that Batman's comparisons on the back match and even supersede that of the son of Krypton point for point, both in natural disposition and equalized acquisition. Batman matches both brains and brawn, exceeding with ingenuity, resourcefulness, imagination, intuition, skill, and overall fearsomeness, which is inevitable, considering the character is a Ninja after all.

Yet it is also interesting to note that both characters are based on Satanic principles, with the dark antihero enforcing Lex Talionis/Satanicus, and the Nietzschean concept of the ubermenscht - perceptionally the same general idea, yet Batman represents the enhanced shadow side. However, collecting both and combining them would be a delicious treat overall, as one has done with Monster cereals.

Though it is not mentioned, I still checked inside the box to see if there was any kind of surprise inside {like a bat shuriken, sticker, squirt gun, mini poster, ring, something}, just in case, which would have more fully completed and tremendously complemented the culinary experience overall.

Tags: archetypes, batman, black earth, cereal, comics, dining, dracling, film, food, martial arts, movie, ninja, possessions, spechtreum

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