DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,




Three interesting anomalous occurrences this day, as veritable confirmations of evolving, manifesting diabolical machinations to establish The-Is-To-Be, by fluxing energetic momentum:

  • 6. First, while attending to certain responsibilities, the large clock on the wall festooned at a waiting area within an office building did fall from the wall and smash onto the floor precisely at the moment I entered nearby while exiting from an appointment.
  • 6. Second, just about an hour later, a banging noise from a soda machine tank at a fast food establishment did loudly resonate as I stood there beside it, as if it was struck from within.
  • 6. Third, a lamp light bulb in the living room fizzled and burned out, emitting a strong immolation odor of fried electronics permeating the room. The orange flame emanation assumed a sustained cloudlike fireball slowly climbing within the length of the halogen bulb, likened a Jacob's Ladder, but with hellfire.
Tags: 13, 666, black earth, paranormal, retroprogression, supernatural, tales from the shadowside, timelessness

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