Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Electric ⚡atan & anomalous manifestations

When a Sorcerer is in one’s own Lair, a sense of stability pervades, where ether and earth correspond to the sensibilities, gratifying all senses, and there is tranquility in this complete Power. But when out and about amongst the commoners, or visitations to the domiciles of biological relations for whatever events and observations, there is frequently a frustrum which transpires, stimulating and otherwise agitating the common atmosphere and concerns of those without there residing, causing sometimes unexpected reverberations of a paranormal nature.

The difference between oneself and they becomes more blatant, manifestations more dramatically noticeable, due to the increased energy the Sorcerer emanates in a foreign environment. The Satanist may benefit from this enervation. Thus, concentrated will becomes fulfilled even more expediently, and stratification becomes much more evident. To remain self-aware in one’s state of being & superiority is most empowering, when employing whatever Magical or psychological methods to gain desires. It is important to preserve perspective at all times, no matter what one is outwardly presenting. ∞

In Nomine ⚡atanas,

Draconis Blackthorne
1:34 am, 12/1/XLI
Van Nuys, California

Interesting to note that since residing at the new location, the electrometer reads 10.666 at last inspection. From Wednesday, November 23rd to Sunday the 27th. It seems that continuing The Devil’s work herein is thusly quantifiable.

Mysterious disappearances of objects from one side of the house to another, apportations, an object being tossed off a counter, canine howlings, an unwound music box suddenly playing, and madly whispering voices mingling with environmental and elemental ambient sounds. ∞

Tags: 666, autobiography, biography, diary, dracumentary, paranormal, supernatural, tales from the shadowside

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