Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Battle of The Sorcerers



After a brutal collision on a mountainous road, likened a Mulholland Drive or those in Turnbull Canyon, mangles the brain surgeon hands of Dr. Stephen Strange, he embarks upon a desperate search to find some unconventional, breakthrough method that can repair them to their former dexterity, which leads him from New York to Nepal, where he eventually meets a mysterious clan of veritable Sorcerers operating within a secret school inside a temple. Upon their eventual acceptance, he learns the spells and incantations, meditations and gesticulations contained within a plethora of grimoires.

His evilution includes the discovery and development of his own latent powers, extensive knowledge of the occult, and the formulation of his own sigil medallion and personal style. A progression of very familiar qualities naturally ascribed.

There is "The Ancient One" {Sorceress who holds more secrets than it seems}, Mordo {a consummate Martial Artist & fellow mystic, akin to a Ninja}, and Wong {unassuming but very capable mystic warrior}. But there is also one to contend against who strayed from the recommended path, so named Kaecilius, who is a Master of The Black Arts.

Much of the practices displayed are based on actual principles of Astral travel, lucid dreaming, visualization and Chi energy projection, as well as extensive sigilization. The overall manipulation of energy and the very matter which comprises multiversal dimensional realities, including teleportation and malleable 'time' fluctuation. Of course, the special effects highly dramatize these more subtle applications, yet it is pleasing to see them addressed nonetheless with the entertaining spectaculars, making it fun as well as recognizable. Realizing from whence these ideas stem adds layers to their appreciation. Also remarkable are the darkly opalescent colorations utilized throughout.

Indeed, among the Dracling's choice comics material, Dr. Strange ranks high amongst them, so to see him granted his own film is gratifying, and remains a relative psychodramatic, imaginative, and aesthetic inspiration.

Tags: adventure, comics, dracling, evocation, film, filmography, films, grimoires, illusion, magic, movie, movies, occult, spechtreum

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