DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Sexual Alphabet

A: Ass, anal, analingus. Aphrodite.
B: Butt, bottom, Breast, bra, blowjob, balls, Besse Infame, beauty, beauty mark, boy, bi. {B resembles breasts, buttocks, the vaginanal combination}.
C: Cunt, Cock, Clitoris, Caress, cunnilingus, coitus, cum, carnal, cleft. {(C) resembles the cleft of the buttocks, and the slit of female genitalia}.
D: Dick, Dildo, doll, dimples, dress, dance, desire. Dionysus. {D resembles the bulbous glans, open mouth, & breast}.
E: Erection, erogenous zone, eat. {E resembles the tip of the pitchfork}.
F: Fuck, friend, fellatio, fun, flagellation, flirt, freckles, fetish, feel, fantasize, flesh, fascinus.
G: G-Spot, girl. Goldilocks. {G resembles the curl of an orifice}.
H: Hot, horny, honey, hungry, hips, hole.
I: Intercourse, insert, "inny", indulgence.
J: Jack off.
K: Kiss. Kundalini.
L: Lick, lips, lollipop, lipstick, Love, Lust, legs, lingerie.
M: Mouth, moan, make out, makeup, ménage à trois, masturbate, me. {Standing legs with center appendage}.
N: Nipple, neck {n/v}, nun.
O: Orifice, Osculum Infame, Orgasm. {Open mouth, prone orifice}.
P: Penis, Pussy, Prick, pikestaff, panties, pubic, pleasure. Pan. {Resembles downwards facing scrotum & appendage}.
Q: Quickie, queer. {Resembles appendage extending from orifice such as the tongue from mouth, or object entering in}.
R: Reem, ride, round.
S: Sex, Suck, stroke, squeeze, sixty-nine, semen, sin, swinger. {S resembles the curvature of the female form from the side, enhanced with high heels}.
T: Temptation, tie, touch, taste, tits, tail, toy, tongue, threesome.
U: Underwear. {U resembles the genital pouch at the base of underwear}.
V: Vagina, Venus {'((' dimples of; fingers gesticulate semblance of genitalia, frequently used in cumbination with tongue flicking to indicate cuntilingus}.
W: Woman, womb. {Standing legs, no appendage}.
X: XXX.{Hardcore rating & 3 kisses}.
Y: You. {Resembles the intersection of thighs & pubic mound}.
Z: Zipper. {Resembles the metal design on hinging teeth}.

Tags: carnality, erotica, pleasures of the flesh, seduction, sensuality, sex, sexology, sexuality

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