Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Fangsgiving LI


Precisely what occurred at this past smorgasbord, attended by two attractive female cousins {plus a male half cousin by relationship, who happens to be an atheist}, a step aunt {classic newager}, and an uncle. The former three I met for the first time.*

Interesting to note that the male cousin claimed to have seen me before at a bus stop once upon a timelessness when he was a little kid, describing me to a tee. Namely, entirely black clothing with duster trenchcoat while smoking a cigarette. He claimed to have felt a great strength emanating from me, likened a Batman impression. What doth this portend? It also just so happens that he also trained in Martial Arts, achieving a black belt in Tae Kwon Do style, so there was a camaraderie, as well as being responsible for refurbishing this wonderful infernal machine to brand new condition from whence I Am presently typing this missive. At one point, I asked him to reacquaint himself with his 'baby'. Ninjutsu and other combat styles were discussed, and lottery tickets acquired.

Along with the traditional turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes & gravy, pumpkin & apple pie, I also enjoyed menudo, pozole, along with beef, pork, chicken & jalapeño with cheese tamales, and plenty of libations while watching a combination of Zombie Nation, House, & Good Times at the behest of the uncle who was in possession of the firestick remote.

Even so, the question was asked if I was a Satanist, to which I responded "I-Theist", which is the same thing, yet without the Satanophobic connotation & possible provocation of ignorance & prejudice. The Satanist is interested in indulgence, not martyrdom, combined with a consideration of The 4th Rule of The Earth.

Thus, despite one cousin's understandable scarcity & reticence {who stated that there is a family resemblance to an unliked uncle, combined with the past unpleasant behavior of the donor}, an overall pleasurable time was had in copious confections and libations. Thank Satan!

Furthermore, being that no matter how seriously such a manufractured 'holiday' is taken, it is indeed a great excuse for gluttonous gratification, preceded by weightlifting empowerment, to place all those proteins, minerals, and vitamins to best use. ∞

* I actually grew up an only child with limited to no extended familial interaction; and in the case of the donor, much prefer it that way.

ADDENDUM: As a delightful bit of Halloween, one of the most interesting decorations herein was a werewolf paw beneath a portrait of the nazarene. Perhaps symbolizing the damned reaching up for salvation? In any case, it was an amusing spectacle.

Tags: autobiography, biography, bodybuilding, diary, dining, dracumentary, fangsgiving, food, holidays, lesser magic, martial arts, philosophy, physical culture, religion, satanism, thanksgiving

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