Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

A vacuous performance


A man with the appropriate name of Dick, loses his wife of decades to cancer, to which he immediately embarks upon a mission to copulate at all costs, imposing & disrupting his attorney grandson's life and impending wedding for his own selfish ends, in a vulgar, desperate tirade that leads him to Florida for Spring Break.

With exaggerations in personality defects and traits, they meet several unsavory characters along the way, from a ridiculous stoner who runs a gift shop, to two absurd, pandering clownish beach officers who themselves are disrespecting of the law, to a couple of large cretins with attractive wandering girlfriends, one of whom has a senior citizen fetish, taking a liking to Mr. Kelly.

Apparently sadly living a life of quiet desperation, probably resenting his wife all the while, only goes to demonstrate that not everyone is capable of monogamy, nor should be forced to, if dispositions do not match. Of course, live life to the fullest, but with elegantly indulgent epicurean delight, no matter what propensities may be, with honesty with oneself as paramount.

Eventually, after a series of embarrassing misadventures caused by the obnoxious grandfather, Jason finds his true mate in an albeit attractive hippie-like girl reminiscent of a Dharma & Greg dynamic, while his former fiancee' is revealed to be a superficial manipulator. These characterizations make a point that offspring are not necessarily indicative of progenitors, and vice-versa.

I enjoy a good comedy now and then, but this presentation is a gratuitous spectacle produced for simplistic herd of their de-evolutionary antics at a low, peasantly level of humor, devoid of any artistic sensibility of the genre, or real redeeming feature, produced only for mere cheap laughs to separate stupes from their sheckles, since they obviously don't know any better than to accept whatever cud is fed them by disappointing slumming actors, then most likely act idiotically in kind.

1/5. 1 point for pulchritude. ∞

Tags: comedy, entertainment, film, film review, filmography, films, herd mentality, herd stupidity, humor, spechtreum, stupidity

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