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Dog Eat Dog

Seedy, sleazy, compulsive, impulsive...

Three criminal escapees conspire several plans to make that big heist, financed by a mob boss, cavorting with prostitutes they meet in various strip clubs, where each and every one of these misadventures begin and end. With nothing to lose except their freedom, the dreaded three-strikes law drives them forward for a chance to live it up on the outside for life, instead of the inside, if only they succeed. No other option available, otherwise go out the improperly termed, so-called "samurai style".* Basically, to do or die trying, in this case.

The neurotic, psychotic three stooges: There's Troy {Moe}, a nervous, almost Elvis meets Scarface character with a Humphrey Bogart fixation, who is the 'mastermind' of the operation, for what it's worth; "Mad Dog" {Larry} who resembles Metalokalypse's Murderface, a scrawny, former fish-gutting cannery worker turned murderer of a voluptuous girlfriend and daughter, who talks way too much for his own good, as well as being too inappropriately needy; & "Diesel" {Curly}, an absent minded, big bald lug who ultimately proves to be the broken link in the handcuff chain.

After receiving some veritable, and literal street justice by two rampaging officers, the series of calamity capers concludes with a convoluted dream-like sequence attended by the three, whose entire escapade seems more a twisted experiment by an amused kingpin, rather than a benefactor. From mostly stints in Kidnapping while masquerading as cops, to abduct some inner city hood for drug money, to snatch a rival gangster's infant, they plod forth by trial and error, fueled by narcotics and liquor, and an amorphous notion of some proposed lifestyle above the law.

Overall, the film's plot is not so much the title phrase "dog eat dog" as predictable keystone criminals, who are ultimately second-rate thugs brutalizing their way to the grave. ∞

* Not quite hara kiri or seppuku, but moreso kamikaze.

Tags: crime, criminology, film review, filmography, films, movies, spechtreum, stupidity

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