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TBF, Lucifuge

Took a trip to Tower Records a couple of days ago, and have now possessed the completion to My Danzig collection on CD, as I have had them all on cassette already - the last ingredient - Lucifuge. I also noticed The Black Flame there as well, and had to pick up a 'spare' copy 'just in case' - a brand new batch, which just visually stand apart from the various polished petty rags geared towards the herd: and of course, when one opens it, so are The Gates of Hell, and the daemons speak through words of hellfire, of undefiled wisdom and 'forbidden secrets'... If you are a Satanist and an otherwise interested individual, you will definitely want this in your bibliographic collection.

Also went over to the 'ol post office and sent out another series of finished orders - so, you know who you are, should be receiving your choice merchandise soon! HS!


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