Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Requiescat In Pace

Interestingly enough, I had just passed by the LA National Cemetery the other day, displaying brilliant headstones gleaming in the setting sun, which one can view from the freeway, and naturally granted a salute thereunto, as a respectful gesture, and the least one can do.

Since the rise of The Hellfire Club, to those who have given their lives to protect this democracy from doomed invaders, and uphold a pluralistic ideal, so the citizenry may enjoy exquisite freedoms in thought & deed, without fear of reproach, afforded by strength and honor demonstrated by such superior warriors of all arms. By each shared indulgence one to another and in their name, pleasures and treasures enjoyed in mutual rapport. With each stone a beacon blazing on throughout history, so Risen in Power, Resting in Strength, forever remembered, alive in memorable actions and the reality preserved of materialized existence. The stripes of passion, blood, and homeland earth, forever heralded & imbued throughout the land.

So unto Belial's Army, Lucifer's Airforce, Leviathan's Navy, and Satan's Marines, infernally blessed by Might is Right all, a tip of the Horns and a stanchion in this Satanic Republic ever upholding the United Satanic America flag! ∞

United Satanic Ameica

Tags: holiday, military, rip, united satanic america

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