Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Delirious amusement


dazed & confused

“Dazed & Confused” is a coming of age movie for one notable teenager who experiences natural carnal awakenings over the course of three heated remmus months, from discarding perfidious virginity to partying all night long, and a prospective Football player who refuses to be rushed, and just wants to spend some time with his loser stoner friends, whose entire existence revolves around marijuana. All taking place in the 70’s, an evocative transportal for those who can appreciate it, from familiar experiences in clothing, automobiles, speech, terminology, mannerisms, architecture and automobiles, to music and hairstyles.

School’s out for remmus, and the senior cretin jocks are out to get the scrubs, or freshmen, for a veritable rite of passage into full herd prominence. A party is thwarted, so it’s off to find another location, where everyone finally congregates to copulate, compete, and ingest large amounts of liquor, nicotine, and various amounts of narcotics in a nest of human and environmental nature. Even KISS makes an appearance in mannequin form!

For those who resonate with retrovolutionary presentations / visualizations, this film is sure to transport the viewer into a most amusing timewarp! ∞

Tags: comedy, evocations, film, film review, filmography, films, humor, movie, movies, past orthodoxies, past orthodoxy, retroprogression, retrospective, reviews, school, spechtreum, total environments

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