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Good riddance!


The Whole Truth

In regards to the film The Whole Truth, starring Keanu Reeves {Dracula/The Matrix/Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure} as an attorney named Ramsey trying to figure out the psychological disposition, motives, and vindicate his client from the murder of his “father”*, though it may seem somewhat of a ‘spoiler’, refer to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

So he and his leggy, luscious lawyer lady co-worker Janelle reside in a motel during the trial, transporting himself to and fro upon an unlikely moped – do what must be done, I suppose.

Overall, the victimizer Boone was a despicable sort through and through, an abusive, overbearing and imposing goon, a misdirected masochist to be sure, who most probably did deserve the fate handed him, yet it is still the responsibility of jurisprudence to determine if justice was truly done; and in this case, through a bit of misdirection and bravery on the defendant’s part, a bit of cathartic revenge and boiled-over frustrations combined with outrage did transpire, and so the rotten does not survive to abuse another without consent. ∞

* The term, title, and position that should be earned and considered an honor, not automatically conferred upon the unworthy.

Tags: cinema, film, lex talionis, movies, spechtreum

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