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OUIJA: Origin of Evil



ΩVIJΔ: Origin of Evil

The 'Zander' family* bilks the rubes in the psychic biz utilizing Ouija board seance sessions, end up experiencing the real thing when the smallest daughter Doris develops actual multi-level ESP. Unfortunately, the girl is devoid of guidance and is forced to make her own mistakes via trial & error, and it's mostly error.

A dark entity spawned of a "Dr. Devil", obviously based on Jo卐ef Mengele {Angel of Death} comes through the oracle portal to possess the girl and experience her senses, especially the ability to speak. The creature resembles a combination of Dr. Satan {House of 1,000 Corpses}, and Greedo, yet inclusive of a reptilian tail and ridge back. Once inside her, it manifests through facial distortions and additional possessive transference to manipulate their quarry, which includes a priest friend Fr. Tom Hogan, mother Alice, and her sister Lina's boyfriend Mikey.

In one remarkable scene, the clerical acquaintance witnesses her abilities in action to confirm the need for an exorcism. She is clearly an empath, clairvoyant, telepath, as well as demonstrating telekinetic abilities to move the planchette, read and manipulate the thoughts of those participating. It doesn't end well for neither the priest or the older sister's boyfriend, both of whom meet their doom. She also possesses the interesting ability to perceive ghostly presences through the glass of the oracle itself, which does provide for an intriguing experimental suggestion.**

It's up to Lina to free her mom and little sister from the grasp of the shadowy specter who at one point peers out from her mouth with a gruesome eyeball. Utilizing the board in such a conducive environment rich with nefarious history raises Hell for all involved. The demon within her enjoys toying with the boyfriend, offering a morbid, descriptive preamble to his suffocating demise, then appealing to his greedy curiosity, leading him to a secret room via the basement. The Victrola plays again as terrible secrets are revealed from within the walls. Thus the sacrifice offered, the creature gains even more materialization.

The tragic tale concludes as it is ultimately Lina's sad responsibility to unfortunately free them of their very flesh. The poor girl ends up in an institution for the rest of her natural life, yet even at the very end, the supernatural makes a familial, familiar visitation.

Rating: 5/5. Better then expected with parapsychological explanations, and Jungian psychological shadow side projections. Familiar Catholic School uniforms reminiscent of St. Charles Borromeo.
* Mayhaps influenced by a 'Szandor' nomenclature?
** Such experimentation is encouraged, inclusive of creating personalized board variations like My own Satan's Ouija.


Tags: film, film review, movie, ouija, paranormal, parapsychology, spechtreum, supernatural

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