Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Halloween shopping XLI


From inspecting some of the local stores while acquiring celebratory provisions, for all year around decor and supplies, there were some nice additions that make for great unholy hellday inclusions in The Haunted Noctuary. Of course the rest of the year contains actual vintage furnishings, decor, and appliances of a natural, personal dark aesthetic, but these props are fun to resurrect and otherwise possess for entertainment purposes, and some of whom do have their practical uses:

Skull pitcher: For whatever philter suits one's fancy at the time, from iced coffee, tea, to beer. Shadowy tint grants it a darker appearance while still identifiable liquid remains a treat.

Light up skull: Large skull contains multi-colored LED light within, lighting up the cranium in blue, green, and red. Makes great night light for wading through the darkness.

Talking animatronic Jack o' lantern: Looks like a carved Jack O' Lantern with a trollish face accompanied with black heart warming sound effects and warnings to brave trick or treaters and common passers by alike.

Devil & Werewolf masks: High quality masks with impressive horns and fur, and highly detailed faces. Great for representations of select Infernal Names. Obviously Volkh for the werewolf, as well as possible inclusion in personal lycanthropic psychodramas.

Black skull shot glasses: Provided in packs of 4 to include some fiends, also available in orange, but the black ones are a peasant new addition for that quick treat. One may mix and match as one pleases.

Flickering candle flame light bulb: A pleasant surprise while collecting the yearly un-usual black lights*, a round bulb featuring a flickering candle flame therein. A very nice effect in addition to the frequent actual candles, that is, combining a comfortably gloomy soft light with an evocative amber glow, actually speaks to a retrovolutionary integration.

Animatronic Ghost: Classic ghost specter rises and falls accompanied by theremin and sound effects. Multiple colors glow, and features a motion activated function.

Spiderweb Solar Lantern: Black lantern featuring spiderweb design alights dimly as darkness pervades to guide the pathway, create a night light, as well as provide a theatrical chamber environment. Can hang by itself or upon a provided stake and hook for walkways and porches. This energy-saving device is both practical and artistic, while soaking up sunlight by day, and otherwise strong illumination.

Vintage telephone: Looks pretty elegant, actually, and when "answering", a thrilling repartee' with Grandma, Grandpa, or other fiends and family members.

For those who desire discounts, there are frequently up to 50%-75% off Halloween items post-party hellday. Happy Haunting, & Pleasant Nightmares!

Tags: black earth, decor, halloween, haunted house, haunted noctuary, oddities, possessions, product review

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