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Satyr and Maiden with Basket of Fruit by Peter Paul RubensConsidering The Satanist acknowledges the seasonal fluxes, ebbs and flows in kind whereupon the shadows grow longer, here is an optional bit of history on the primal Pagan origins of the ancient Lughnasadh, holiday designations, and traditions with relative indications for empowering Satanic perspective & terminology.

Lughnasadh {pronounced 'Lunasa'; a.k.a., 'Lammas'} was celebrated on the 1st of August as a harvest festival commemorating the 'first fruits' which is usually a sort of berry {bilberry or blackberry common, although any sort of preferred berry is acceptable}, along with bread and corn; the latter complete with cob, which is directly recognized as the fertile phallus of the traditional Gaelic God of The Harvest 'Lugh' {may corollate with Belial/Cernunnos*, with impending season of same}.

There are traditionally three festivals comprising harvest recognitions: 6. Lughnasadh being first, followed by 6. 'Mabon' {Autumnal Equinox} and culminating with 6. Samhain {Helloween}. In a diabolical sense, these may be acknowledged with a progression of 666.

Lughnasadh Feast of The Beast

Recommended Feast of The Beast shall be comprised of corn, breads, and berries, such as fruit pies. Potatoes optional. Any symbolic sacrificial meat shall consist of Beef {preferably angus/bull cooked over open flame}. This may be prepared upon one's own fire pit or a favorite steak house. Philters shall consist of berry wines and juices; various cheeses complement these well as another option.

Any ceremonial celebration may follow indications from The Satanic Bible and The Hellemental Mass, with the latter exception that the Communion shall consist particularly of the three primary confections of a single berry, corn niblet, and small piece of bread, either impaled upon a toothpick like shishkabob, or consumed upon a cracker with berry jam. Elixer shall consist of berry wine. Accompany rite with personal harvest narration.

Overall, an indulgent option for those so inclined. ∞

* Hellement of The Black Earth, Lord of the forests, shadowoods; The Beast. Further also symbolized in Pan, Dionysus, Baphomet.

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