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The Ice Cream man cometh...

Did you ever notice some of the tunes floating out over the Ice Cream truck's speakers? Every once in awhile, I can hear the tinny sounds of the Ice Cream man driving by, and have discovered that the music is just some of the most irrelevant one could consider. I have heard everything from 'The Godfather' theme to xmas carols in the middle of June! I suppose the latter could allude that what he carries is cold and good, which may carry a psychological effect, in which case it would be very clever, but shall we give them such credit? In My estimation, the typical lullabies and nursery rhymes are appropriate - although it would be quite refreshing to hear some Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner, or Tchaikovsky!

Evocation: I remember running out to the sound of the ice cream truck to possess those intriguing "grab bags", each which carried a surprise inside, which was usually either a squirt gun, spider or skull ring, and sometimes a super-bounce rubber ball. Had to have an ice cream sandwich as well. Remember candy cigarettes? For those unfamiliar, this was a gum-tube which contained a white powder inside, which would emit a puff when one blew into it, resembling a cigarette.


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