Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

A mouse to the Serpent

SIIG USB Optical mouse
Fry's Electronics

Sssso... hypothetically, what sort of mouse would The Devil have?

Arriving on this 9th day, a new addition to the technomantic arsenal is a top quality sleek optical mouse from SIIG which fits snugly into the palm of the claw, ideal for comfort and precision. I chose the red version {which is actually darker than that displayed in the image, in more of an oxblood}, which is an aesthetically pleasing, highlighted streamlined coloration complementing the overall black base. A rather infernal impression with the laser led underlying the underside, and to add to the charm, a UPC code of 662774022666, which was a major deciding factor.

This was possessed from Fry's Electronics, who besides carrying optimal merchandise, also know the value of imaginative total environment edifices. For those who prefer a mouse alternative with a touchpad to accompany the Devil's Web experience, this is an ideal tool for aesthetics and practicality for certain artistic endeavors. ∞


Tags: 666, black earth, possessions, product review, technology, technomancy

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