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Never really thought much about the purple prince, as it is not My regular genre of preference, yet for an evocative sense, I do recall listening to 1999 from time to time on the radio around when first released {I recall playing with 2XL at the time}, as well as of course around Y2K, becoming the veritable anthem for everything. I also seem to recall something about him wearing panties on stage, but I digress. However, he did bring the classic zootsuit to attention.

However, I can at least in an aesthetic sense appreciate those whom he in turn surrounded himself with and otherwise inspired, like liaisons with Lisa Lisa, Apollonia, Sheena Easton {whom I had an infatuation for stemming from the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, & song of same}, Carmen Electra, and Sheila E., among others, also not to mention The Time, who brought the word of The Bird. Friends with benefits to be sure. He wrote myriads of songs for other performers, including Nothing Compares To You for The Family, later popularized by Sinead O' Connor. And of course the amusing involvement with the BATMAN movie for herd consumption, not unlike what "MC Hammer" did with The Addams Family Groove.

For all of his acknowledged talents, he still yet fell to the bad decisions of self-destructive narcotic abuse and excessive clandestine pharmaceutical ingestion like fentanyl, who like Jackson, taken to alleviate pain in order to perform, and overdosing; as well as contracting AIDS which no doubt weakened his system against maladies.

Good night, purple prince. May flights of doves bring you to your rest. ∞

Tags: batman, evocation, history, music, rip

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