Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

666 Decennial

Upon the decennial anniversary of the historic 666 High Mass, and all the infernal Magic that was conjured reverberating into timelessness, reflective perfection of invocation unto evocation, the resonant Beast arose by will and amassed shadow energy to tread the land, echoing from Hell and in the minds of humanimals throughout the earth...

Behold! The face of Satan did appear through angles of madness & sanity bestowing omnipotent blessings. Abaddon ascended from The Crimson Pit consuming His sacrifices into the netherealms, Lucifer's Hellfire did glow & flicker in the darkness, and succulent Lilith appeared from spectral fog & sulfur in the midst of thorn and crevasse. Mighty cloven hooves trembled the land, casting smoldering impressions on brain and breast, as daemon winds roared by darkened forms empowered! ∞

Manifesto ofThe Beast

Ironically, the number "616" has been proffered as the so-called 'true' number of the Beast. Evenso, when added together, still coincides nefariously. [6+1+6=13] ∞

Tags: 13, 666, anton szandor lavey, church of satan, greater magic, history, infernal empire, magic, magus gilmore, mathemagics, number of the beast, numbers, numerology, ritual

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