DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

In 'N' Out with Wendy


ITEM: Wendy’s to Employ Self-Service Kiosks at 6,000 Locations

This is the inevitable course of progression, to replace simpleton jobs with more efficient machinery as well as alleviate wage hikes for incompetents, some of whom have mental disorders who may compromise menu ingredients with biological contaminants. The problem of human error can be eliminated completely. The so-called "human touch" can be genuinely expressed with family & friends, despite her matriarchal collar.

Robots & Androids will eventually replace such menial labor, but taking it a step further, how about aesthetically pleasing representations serving out the dishes? A Wendy character in this case, as well as others, complete with characteristics. It certainly would make for an even more entertaining observation.
As far as these "fast food" depots are concerned, Wendy's is a preferred choice, along with In 'N' Out when on the go, for more of an American home-style repast. My own experiences at these have been positively satisfying. There's also Denny's & Norms* as well to a lesser extent.

There was a time when automated teller machines were tested at markets, intended for the more intelligent, and for My purposes, worked quite well, while avoiding the braying herd occupying long laborious lines.

For those desiring finer cuisine & a more culturally-authentic dining experience, independent restaurants within indigenous neighborhoods are recommended. ∞

* I used to go to Norm's weekly for breakfast, ordering the avocado & cheese omelet, choice hash browns, pancakes, or waffles, accompanied by a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice.

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