DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dirty Black remmus

This is obviously a veritable comical commercial for "Billabong" products, but the statement about having to dress in such "lame" clothing to have fun is disagreeable {unless undercover}. It is simply not the case. For comfortable warm outdoor weather, activities, and wardrobe, black may be preserved, yet a simple pair of "shorts" perhaps {not My preference}, with a t-shirt or tanktop is sufficient.

This reminds Me of the time when a delivery man questioned Me about My darksome accouterments, inquiring if what I was wearing was too hot, even though I was wearing a black poet shirt at the time, which are light and porous. So I amusingly replied "...this is My 'remmus' wardrobe."

Also, instead of the predictable Transylvanian derivation, it would have been more clever to originate from Danzig {located between Poland & Germany, now named Gdańsk}. I'm sure Danzig was payed quite a sum for this appearance. Also note that he himself did not adjust his appearance, but steps back to watch the results of his "advice" unfold.

However, I can appreciate the beach on a cool overcast day, foggy, stormy, or always at night. Dark Shadows comes to mind. After all, 'tis where the elements meet, useful for certain seasonal observances. I have frequented the shore since a small Dracling via Y Camp, and there is always a certain invigoration to the excursion. ∞

Tags: adventure, black earth, comedy, danzig, dark shadows, dracling, dracumentary, gothic, humor, infernal progeny, loki's laughter, malefick musick, remmus, seasonal, travel

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