Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

There is no time for 'god'...


That statement should be obvious to those who know.

It must have been quite a sight to behold a sleek black feline veritably slithering out from the mail slot while Gorgo there leers from the darkness within out upon the common world asserting UNWELCOMED. Deftly inserted into the black metal hellgate with nervous whispers and murmured humming, how willingly these sacrifices present themselves. She must be new here... but she will learn.*

Interestingly however, just earlier in the morning, some pernicious proselytizer with a megaphone was yelling out front from the sidewalk, to which he was immediately banished, then seemingly disappeared, and good riddance to such nuisance.** Really, if one may have been merely annoyed by their obnoxious antics before, this may very well be cause for hatred. A terrible proselytizing technique.

Besides the typical guiltripping & manipulative language, this is a bit more blatant with a literal roster, accompanied by Balance. Indulgence, not compulsion.:

Work {a necessity which should ideally include enjoyment}, politics {according to individual need}, fishing {a viable hunting option}, drugs {legal pharmaceuticals ingested for health & medical purposes, otherwise a stratification for illegal recreational use}, dancing {for fun, fitness, & flirtation}, eating {for the confectionary connoisseur}, clubs {wherein that wicked dancing frequently takes place}, the beach {where bare flesh is displayed, and otherwise a delightful location for overcast, foggy days and at night}, Witchcraft {absolutely, a natural gravitation, state of being, and evolution therein}, immorality {subjective, for that which is reviled by blindlighters tends to be the most enjoyable activities, so it is recommended to do them in perpetuity}, TV & Cinema {select enriching presentations of personal worth & timeless enjoyment; sometimes "sinema", or "sinemaerotica"}, sleep {revitalization}, sports {either simplistic spectator activities or artistic Bodybuilding & superior Martial Arts, with emphasis on both words; otherwise, The Circus Maximus!}, alcohol {for religious inclusion & entertainment purposes}, playing {maintain a sense of adventure & indulgence with mutually gratifying playmates}, parties {well earned pleasure with others of like mind}, and many more things...

Followed by a "don't wait to be in a..." list detailing compromising situations in which the white wolves may ideally praey upon the gullible.

Overall, there is all consideration for The God that is Oneself, with no allowance given to figmented idealizations of weakness. ∞

* Just the other day two nubile Soulicitors scurried by with the side-eye, not to mention the ice cream truck which falls silent as it passes by in front. Also all of a sudden the scent of "church stink" wafted in the air, which was forthwith terminated with sulfur.
** This spectacle may be explained as a reaction to being expelled, as an "Open House" sign was spotted recently outside the makeshift 'church' house that was being used, which is connected to a previous event.

Tags: blindlight, blindlighters, christianity, christinsanity, fundamentalism, misanthropy, propaganda, psychology of religion, social commentary, social observation

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