Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Mock, mock, no more talk!


The scratching at the door indicated that there was a feline occupant desiring entrance, so as one entered, another exited into the sweet night air. When what should sound as a sonic antithesis of the graceful nocturne, but a raucous emanation in a seeming mocking gesture begging for punishment. And so to test the ether's immediate content for either contempt or contentment, a hex was spoken in the direction from whence possible derision derived, "just in case", as it were; when what should occur all the while enjoying the film THE LAMP as the sun sank into Hell, but a sudden commotion of likened raucous connotation, one to another, engaging in negative lower life form interaction, to the sounds of slamming doors and shattering glass upon the street, screaming vulgarities & threats, to My amusement and prideful contemplation, for I knew My Curse had struck in immedience, and so it was pleasing.

And so I concluded absorbing The Lamp, and proceeded have Devil Cakes, listening to Goatreich & Blutsabbath by BELPHEGOR.*

Any and all disrespect or caterwauling transforms to cries of torment and vomiting blood. Sustained suffering or instant wrath. AVE SATANAS. ∞

* In My opinion, so let it be that he who spat at Lehner should be simultaneously impaled & crucified.

Tags: black book of shadows, blackthorne theater, magic, spechtreum

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