Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

By Tom Araya's Beard!

Instead of a Capuchin monkey beard, which may very well be soft and clean, but regardless rather appears like a hobo's whiskers, would be better stylized with an infernal twist - more Rasputin, less derelict, to contribute to the overall aesthetic and theme of the band. When it comes to beards, Rob Zombie, Scott Ian, even indigenous Kerry King are good indications.

I propose the SLAYER Devil Beard. That is to say, a black beard or goatee with a single red streak beginning from just under the bottom lip, descending all the way to the nethermost tip, perhaps further stylized like an arrow/devil tail pointing straight to Hell, and/or like a long drop of blood dripping into a pool thereof, in deference to the song "Raining Blood" from the album Reign In Blood. ∞

Tags: aesthetics, loki's laughter, malefick musick, metal

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