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Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Dragon, Moles, Trees, Evil God, Heaven/Hell, evil kid, RPG

What Elemental Dragon Are You?

Created by on August 27, 2014
The Dragon of Darkness
You are the quiet and mysterious dragon of darkness. More often than not, people are uneasy in your presence, and rightly so. You may have been born in darkness or simply fell down to it in your life, but make no mistake, your place is in the shadows. And while your dark brooding mood and lonely atmosphere may say otherwise, don't be discouraged. Just because you are dark, it doesn't mean you're evil. More often than not, it gives you a better sight of reality, and based on that sight, you always know what your next move should be. While you're not afraid of a fight, you certainly don't rush in, either. Being cautious and sneaky are your strong points, and they never see you coming. This makes you one of the scariest dragons known, and it is also why you are the invisible form of the night.


Which Mythological Creature are you?

You are the ultimate Greek Vileness, Echidna! Echidna was the Monster Mother of all things evil within the realm of Greek Mythology, giving birth to every trouble maker each Hero and God had to hunt down. She was a beautiful woman with a seductive torso, but the rest of her anatomy was that of a serpent. She lived in a deep, dark, secluded cave eating raw flesh and never growing old or dying. Would you like to know the secret to eternal youth? Do you feel as if you have a young soul who yearns to never grow up? We suspect you do, and this is why you live the immortal life as Echidna does. Be careful though, you may not always be as invincible as you think- for the unofficial tale of Echidna's surprising death states that Hera's hundred eye'd giant servant eventually succeeded in ending her life.

Slay or enslave. I'd either figure a way to blind that giant or make him My slave.

Are You Going To Heaven or Hell?

Sorry, but seems like you will go to HELL! You've done more than your fair share of not so great things in your lifetime, and the time will come to pay your debt. We know it's hot and painful, but how else will you learn? Think we got your true fate or are we totally wrong? Tell us in the comments!

Heaven & Hell are situations in life - either that of pleasure or misery one creates for oneself. Aesthetically, I tend towards the infernal because it is simply more elegant, with that which is considered "holy" aesthetics to be tacky & gaudy. As a matter of fact, most everything that is attracted or attached to that other side is weak, low, rotten, petty, inferior, mentally or physically disabled, ugly, and just plain stupid.

What Is The Hidden Meaning Of Your Moles?

Created by leigh Burns on September 17, 2015

Ambition & Prominence
Your moles indicate you are an ambition person that could rise to great prominence. You are honorable and honest when conducting business and people find you trustworthy. Your most prominent mole suggests you are or will be blessed with obedient children who will bring you much happiness. They will make you proud of them. Your least prominent mole that is not usually exposed suggests that it is hard for you to get recognition for the hard work you do. Getting the results you want could be elusive, but you are passionate, opinionated and great fortune is in store for you.

I always thought it would be interesting to see what configurations moles would compere to constellations. An interesting game of connect the dots with one's tongue upon a lover's body would make for a wonderfully stimulating experience. In any case, I have always found moles, or "beauty marks", or more aptly termed "devil's marks" very attractive; freckles too. It displays erotic, intimate character and uniqueness.

What Type of Tree Best Describes Your Real Personality?

Giant Redwood
Intimidating in size but loving in nature, you are the Giant Redwood. A powerful presence, you tend to be put in positions of leadership even if you don't desire them. Others may see you as intimidating, but you have an enormous heart on the inside. Nothing upsets you more than a friend or family member in distress, and you will be the first to come to their aid.

Agreed, with the caveat of displaying kindness, consideration, love, to those who deserve it, and by whose merited alliance I would grant the benefit of the doubt, while I tend to be misanthropic otherwise.

Which Evil Kid are you?
Joshua Cairn
You're Joshua Cairn from "Joshua" (2007). You're extremely fastidious, polite and well-mannered. You like to stay neat and clean, you are highly intelligent, mature and poised for your age and not so much evil as detached and highly confused. If you're not careful though... you run the risk of growing up into a full fledged monster. Get help now!

Have not seen this presentation yet. Fastidious only in the sense that I like things to be a certain way, that is most efficient for Me, and I do like to maintain cleanliness and aesthetic presentability; 'detached' as far as that which I need not concern Myself with, but if something intrigues Me, I strive to decipher it, and otherwise possess it for Myself. Overall, I Am truthfully more akin to Damien of these characterizations.

Which RPG Class Are You?

Congratulations, you are a ranger!
Rangers are very unique due to their superior level of versatility and their ability to excel in almost everything that they do. With training, they can master fighting with almost everything from swords to bows, they can tame most animals of choice with ease, they normally have a great knowledge of poisons and, if they choose, potions of many variants, and they are even capable of low-level magic(Normally only enchanting abilities.). They are skilled all around and are probably the most self-sufficient class of all of them, with rogues coming in at a close second. Rangers are respected, and feared, for their secrecy and all-around skill.
These are independent, cunning, and highly-skilled fighters.

By this description, it seems like the best result, and most skilled, deadly, capable, versatile, clever character of all, likened a Ninja. So it rings true in that sense, although I have always been a combination of Warlock/Warrior, so I'd likely be a Wizard/Mage/Ranger. ∞

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