Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Day of Observation: Magus Anton Szandor LaVey Nativity

Devil Father, Daemon Brother

The Black Pope I Honorum
An Archival Compendium of Tributaries

It seems perfectly appropriate that Magus LaVey's birthdate is on '411'... Information, Undefiled Wisdom, Knowledge, so deftly dispensed throughout The Black Earth by this Sorcerer who opened the way. He who lifted up the Luciferic lantern to reveal the Daemon within.

Honorium I

Anton Szandor LaVey, High Priest I & Black Pope I of The Church of Satan, underwent the excarnation into the unknown.

His companion & confidant, Magistra Blanche Barton, is now High Priestess of CoS, at the Devil's helm. Dr. LaVey sired a son with Ms. Barton, in Year XXVIII A.S., aptly named Satan Xerxes Karnacki LaVey.

His passage into the Great Darkness was heralded by the black flames of His creation. A life fully experienced to the hilt, & a legend was born.

His essence was shot like lightning into the fourth dimension, galvanizing the Satanic Movement & all the daemonic hordes. We ever shall continue the Legacy you have begun. With His essence in The Ether, He has become at one with Satan, Nature, The Shadow Forces. LaVey is now of The Macrocosm. His powers increased. His influence magnified. He has been, & shall continue to be, one of the most influential & infamous figures history has ever known. And to Me, was the greatest man who ever lived.

VIII/V\XXXV - Honorium II

It was a couple of days after Halloween when I heard about Dr. LaVey's return to The Abyss. I first heard the report being given by the local news channel... something just told Me I had to listen at that particular time. A cold sensation shot though My veins - at that moment, I felt as if I was in a dream - a "lightmare", as it were. My first reaction was unbelief. Even through the terrible news, it strangely felt as if it were not true, like when you dream a loved one has died, you awaken heart pounding, with an intense desire to contact them to make sure they are well. Unfortunately, this was no dream.

Still, the feeling of loss did not sink in until about a week later, as I took a moment to vent the "loss" I felt in "losing" a Daemon-Brother & Devil-Father.

After the initial ventation, there seemed to be no real reason to "grieve", as he does live on through his words , ideas, philosophies, deeds, his legend, music, books, movies, & in My heart of hearts. This is true immortality. I know that part of the reason for My unbelief was that his passage was not final, like most people's, whose life & death usually amounts to nothing impressive, or inspirational. The Dr. left enough in his wake that will survive the centuries, as The Satanic Bible was an analysis of ourselves, his works were created by a Satanist FOR Satanists, which, like Dr. LaVey, are timeless. His muses have inspired My own, & shall ever continue to do so.

It has been commented that the Dr. & I "share a brain" - I have found that many of My own thoughts & creative endeavors have eerily mirrored The Black Pope's, as I would continually discover when I read an interview he had conducted, or essay printed, or book released. Even when I ponder it today, to Myself, it feels like the Doctor never left, as his presence seems as vibrant now in Year XXXV, as it ever was, & shall ever be.

Honorium III

I just received the newest issue of The Cloven Hoof #130: The LaVey Memorial Issue. It is truly a beautiful piece of work. Sheer artistry. Literarily & Artistically. I believe the one word, dare I say it?....that best describes it is "Sacred". Contained therein, are never-before seen, & impressive photographs of the Doctor, as well as essay inclusions from notable figures in The Infernal Empire, giving the Devil His due, & explaining the influence The Black Pope has had in their diverse lives. Satanic Warlocks & Witches alike.

The more I read, the more the Black Flame roared within Me, providing inspiration to continue the diabolic work LaVey has pioneered. I Am proud to be a member of The Church of Satan, as I have acknowledged My allegiance to the Dark Forces that forged Me, & granting credit to the man that attained the bravery to form a religion in Our collective name ----- hiSatanists. We who walk the Left-Hand Path with Power, Wisdom, & Grace.

LaVey has been as a "Devil-Father" to Me, ever since I heard about there being a "Satanic Bible" in existence, ironically brought to My attention by a xian sheep who was trying to pass his propaganda over onto Me at a Christian School I was attending. I absorbed the philosophy whole-heartedly, reading it in about two night's time.

I acquired this text at a B. Dalton Bookseller. I perused it wild-eyed, & quickly thereafter purchased it. I'll never forget the look on the teller's face as she scanned it through. It was a temporary thrill that would be only a preface to all the gawkings I would receive as time went on. It reminds Me of that scene in "Speak of the Devil" when Togare's "voice" aptly described the fawning sheeple as, "what a tray of fish!" Indeed. A rotten bunch for sure.

Soon thereafter, I would purchase The Satanic Rituals, "Companion to The Satanic Bible", & eventually the other works followed as they were made available. And each & every time, was that ubiquitous glare of horror from tellers that such a thing existed. Very much the same way the Doctor became enthralled by Might Is Right, so I was with TSB.

I sat down at My desk, alone in My room, extinguishing all outside noise, turned on My study lamp, & began a journey that would take Me into the deepest recesses of Myself, bringing forth that daemon within, conjured in fierce plumes of blackest flame. Leviathan was awakened. Cthulhu met the stars.

The Immortal Legend lives on...

Shemhamforash! Hail Satan! Lucifer! Belial! Leviathan! Szandor! Draconis! SO IT IS DONE!

Honorium IV - X/XXIX\XXXV

A time of ponderance for this day & night, in remembrance of The Black Pope returning to the Great Abyss. His eternal Legacy continues to strengthen My resolve, as I peer back, & look ahead to even more diabolical creations. It seems strangely appropriate that Dr. Anton Szandor LaVey was born in the Walpurgisnacht season, & stepped back through the blazing Trapezohedron this Halloween season. The Church of Satan continues to thrive & evolve, The Infernal Empire continues to gain strength & momentum each passing day, each passing night, until the sinister spell of Satan, the torch of Lucifer, is fully manifest in this Satanic Age. Hail the Daemon, the Iconoclast, Devil-Father, Mentor, & Daemon-Brother. The Black Flame burns on...

Hail Szandor! Hail The Church of Satan! Shemhamforash! Hail Satan!

Honorium V - X/XXIX\XXXVI

In Remembrance of The Black Pope, the Immortal Legend, who continues to haunt Our minds & inspire our muses. In the Power & Wisdom He has inspired as a Daemon-Brother & Devil-Father, His presence remains palpable, & the lightning bolt, the burning black flames of Hell burn in Lucifer's Torch as a continual Tribute to A Great Man. HAIL SZANDOR. HAIL SATAN.


"...your spirit - your immortal spirit - shall live, not in an intangible paradise, but in the brains and sinews of those whose respect you have gained." - Satan III:IX

"Come forth! SATAN! LUCIFER! BELIAL! LEVIATHAN! SZANDOR! [The Satanist's name]!"

The Crown Princes of Hell are six in number now - the points of The Pentagram and the center to infuse into one by the circle. Fire, Air, Earth, Water, Ether, and Flesh. On this night, we remember and honor The Black Pope, black-clad devil-father appearing in the Trapezohedron, Lucifer's Mirror, and recognize His immortality as a model for our own. He inspires and motivates, and by the lighting bolt flashing brilliantly across the velvety skies, the black flame within is that much more kindled unto a raging inferno of Hellfire. The eyes of Baphomet glows before us, the sword gleams by the candlelight, and dread words are spoken in the darkness. The books of Satan have been manifested in tangible form upon The Black Earth, resting upon the five points of The Pentagram 'neath the flicker of black candles, the light of Lucifer illuminates the undefiled wisdom therein, grimoires of timeless knowledge, a Magic resonant to that of The Dark Force in Nature. The Daemon Szandor lives vibrantly on in Our hearts and minds. Hail Szandor! Hail Satan!

11th April, XLI Anno Satanas

Thou, Daemon Szandor, conjured the hellfires within and cast them across the face of the black earth. Thine immortal legend eternally remembered, thine influence perpetually felt, you made your devil's mark upon the world, and as a living Satan, inspired others of our kind to persue their own kingdoms. And for this, I Am grateful, as the adamatine gates were flung open and the full Forces of Darkness were unleashed, planting the seed of self-realization. You are not forgotten, and your legacy shall be propagated to the fullest, Immortal Legend!

Hail Szandor! Hail Satan!

April 11 XLVI

I reflect upon the Daemon who opened the Gates of The Church of Satan, Black Pope I, the momentum initiated by iconoclastic materialization.

I recall the discovery of The Satanic Bible, the sublime realization & subsequent pentagonal enrichments. Horn born, inspired by undefiled wisdom, forging Ones mark with pride, & blazing a trail with individuality exalted.

By the lightning bolt descending from ether to earth, a devil of flesh unleashed, igniting The Black Flame in the hearts and minds of those whose respect he has gained. And from that flame do the hell fires burn bright, each with its own unique transmutations, flickering in the enfolding darkness, empowering The Mighty in The Devil's fane, this Cabal of The Elite! The Immortal Legend remains vibrant through actions & deeds reflective in kind. ∞

Hail Szandor! Hail The Infernal Empire! Hail Satan!


Today is a time to reflect upon the deeds and thoughts of Our Founder, who preserved a legacy to ensure his immortality. Upon excarnation, many left the Church of Satan under the pretense that it was some sort of personality cult, and thus, their own misguided weakness was revealed; yet many more remained and joined forces with The Infernal Empire to strengthen Our resolve and be part of an organization that upholds the standards of the elite and the mighty carnal philosophy outlined in The Satanic Bible, which we as Satanists naturally exemplify.

Satanism allows for the mystery and wonders of nature, acknowledging Magic and rationale to compliment each other as two sides of the same coin, expressed in a variety of genres for empowerment, edification and amusements.

When I discovered The Satanic Bible in that bookstore, adding it to My collection, I found a comrade-in-arms that felt the way I did on many a subject matter, and I readily accepted the nomenclature that would come to incarnate what I already was - a born Satanist, born with the horns, forged in the hellfire of The Black Earth. The Satanic Rituals was soon to follow, and then off to experimentation with various Magical principles therein. The Satanic Witch was unleashed and thought how thrilling it was to now possess three books I laid next to one another reading it thoroughly as well. Then The Devil's Notebook was next, absorbing much therein I was and came to reflect. I became subsequently also pleased upon finding publications like The Black Flame on bookshelves, with other magazines {like The Cloven Hoof, From The Pit, The Raven, The OHM Clock, Not Like Most, and others}, and items of interest mentioned therein {for instance, who can forget the "Prints of Darkness"?}, incrementally accentuating one's own contemplations, and also in which I came to participate in. Again, when Satan Speaks was published, yet another volume of undefiled wisdom and diabolical wit to gratify the senses, I felt a resonance of coalescing thoughts, as well as in-between the latter releases with The Secret Life Of A Satanist & The Church of Satan by Blanche Barton.

Being a collector of occult arcana and literature, I would find mentions and interviews of Magus LaVey & The Church of Satan periodically in books {all through from the inception of The Age of Fire to the Satanic Panic and beyond}, preserving these as the treasures they are, even transcribing several of them to share with others. I began delightfully finding interviews in The Nose magazine, Seconds, and Modern Primitives, among others.

Being a musician as well as a writer, I was pleased to acquire Satan Takes A Holiday and The Satanic Mass, as well as a recording of Strange Music. I recall traveling in the car once and heard a very familiar voice over the airwaves on a local "pirate" radio show playing a track from 'Holiday' thereon, with other releases mentioned in The Black Flame to be accumulated.

I was excited by the release of Speak of The Devil from Wavelength Video, having it sent to The Noctuary immediately, and eventually Satanis through Something Weird Video.

Magus LaVey provided the framework, and blazed his own trail of devildom, and it is a continuous pleasure to coalesce and evolve within this infernal alliance of The Church of Satan. It seems the best tribute to such a mentor is to not only acknowledge His obvious influence in philosophy, religion, literature, music, and videography, but to personify the principles taking the experiments, recommendations, and ideas he presented from this primary source, to form one's own materializations with a tip of the horns to a fellow devil in the flesh. ∞

Hail Szandor! Hail Satan!

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
The Haunted Noctuary, Infernal Empire
11 April, XLVIII Anno Satanas

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