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The Devil's Child

The Devil's Child
1997 c.e. / XXXII A.S. Directed by Bobby Roth; Starring Thomas Gibson, Kim Delaney

A deal is made with The Devil by a girl's mother in which her life is spared from death by a fall. Years later, the girl, now a woman, Nikki DeMarco {Kim Delaney} moves into the big city and is greeted by a mysterious and suave stranger named "Alexander Rotha" {Thomas Gibson, who you may recognize as "Greg" from the "Dharma & Greg" series}, in a swank apartment complex, with whom she is immediately smitten. They indulge in the Satantric Sacrament, and she becomes pregnant, which is a diabolical miracle in itself, considering her childhood accident, as explained by a Doctor during a checkup. In one scene, she actually seeks to have an abortion, but the clinic explodes in flames before she can harm a hair on the infernal progeny.

One day, Nikki is taken aback due to attending one his ethics classes {he is a Professor at a local college} with the subject of "good and evil", wherein he fulfills his role as accuser, exposing the hypocrisy of a self-righteous 'slut', sending her weeping out the door. Knowing that she his carrying his child, he understandably seeks to remain in contact with Nikki, but she becomes increasingly frightened and runs from him. Bit by bit, she starts asking questions and becomes aware of his nefarious identity, going forth to protect herself while seeking blindlight assistance from a paranoid priest {Father Dominico - a temporary obstacle}, who eventually falls to his own death within the church wherein he was just praying.

A seductive emissary of The Prince of Darkness enters the scene to be rid of a nosy ex-boyfriend named "Tim" {Matthew Lillard; Hackers}, via lethal fetish-play.

A-la Rosemary's Baby, the entire society of people she associated with are all in league with Lucifer, including the Psychologist, and even her best friend.

At one point, she develops a photo of Alexander revealing the dreaded Damianesque '666' on his forehead {they could have used a better effect for this, or at least a better font! At least Damien's appeared like a convincing scar}. Despite her efforts, she gives birth to Satan's son, which is attended by Rotha stealthily and gracefully moving about the hospital in a black cloak.

Eventually, she kidnaps the child and runs into a church where she admonishes a priest to perform an on-the-spot baptism, with Rotha appearing outside. Chaotic winds increase, eventually subsiding as the last words of the litany are read. He departs, but will no doubt take his due when the time is right. I muse that one day the child will realize He is a Satanist, and gravitate towards 'The Dark Side' upon reaching adolescence.

In My estimation, The Devil's Child is a combination of Rosemary's Baby and The Omen. What I particularly enjoyed about this film, is that for the first 90 minutes or so, the plot is very subtle with an air of believability instead of overt displays of exaggerated theatrics {which is quite enjoyable otherwise, but it just 'worked' for this presentation}, then eventually maximizes towards the climactic finale. ∞

Rating: 4/5.

Tags: drama, horror, omen, review, spechtreum, thriller

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