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Marilyn Manson meets Anton LaVey


Segment from VH1's 'The 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock 'N' Roll #83'.

As related in his autobiography entitled "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell", Musician Marilyn Manson met with Magus Anton Szandor LaVey at The Black House in San Francisco due to several correspondences requesting LaVey's participation in Manson's tour.

Though Warner is not an actual Satanist himself, he was gifted with an honorary "reverendship" as a gesture of favorable acquaintance as well as the ability to accurately articulate Satanic philosophy whenever asked by the media, due to the high profile nature of his occupation, which he worked into his character theme & show, and for mutual benefit. However, he was never a spokesperson for Satanism.

Warner admits that The Satanic Bible influenced his formative development, but does not identify as a Satanist himself, nor has since been involved with The Church of Satan beyond writing a forward to Satan Speaks relating his impressions of a man he respects, and influenced his personal philosophical amalgam. ∞

  • Satan Speaks. Anton Szandor LaVey.
  • The Long Hard Road Out of Hell. Marilyn Manson.
Satan Speaks The Long Hard Road Out of Hell
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