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Interestingly enough, I do have this odd penchant for sampling certain unusual foods from time to time, like cactus, or "nopalitos". I'm sure it wouldn't even occur to most people that cacti are indeed edible, and delicious when prepared in the correct manner. Uncle Fester sure enjoys it as one of his favorite treats, and has been seen munching away on a full raw cactus leaf from time to time. I have also tried cactus candy for the sweet version of this confection, which certainly is an acquired taste.

The Tears of La Llorona

There are two primary brands which produce this wonderfully odd treat: La Costeña* & Doña Maria. When I think of those names, the first impression that comes to mind is the morbid legend of "La Llorona" {'The Crying Lady', or 'The Weeping Woman', a Spanish legend imported to New Spain}, a banshee-like specter endlessly searching for her drowned babies that she herself killed, and is apparently doomed to roam the earth searching for them in her own Hell. Appropriately themed to this cultural confection, a resident boogiewoman swamp witch type used to scare children into behaving and not staying out too late, otherwise she will kidnap them, probably taking them down into the river, bog, lake, etc. into a watery grave. Could these be the tears of The Crying Lady? In any case, it is mused that these are "las lagrimas de La Llorona"; or maybe even the saliva of El Chupacabra?


They are presented pickled & cut long like string beans, and can go in just about anything, accenting everything from salads to nachos, casseroles, or just by themselves. I personally also refer to them as "edrozebas", after an ingredient in Elvira's Great Aunt Morgana's "recipe book" {Spellbook}. They are preserved in a sort of a salty slimy brine resembling saliva, along with chopped onions and a green chili floating around in there.

According to preference, Doña Maria's perky nopales are a bit more taught with the slight hint of a crunch, while La Costeña's has a more mushy countenance, yet both are delicious. ∞

* 'Coastal' [fem.]

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