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70's slang, movies, tv shows

How Well Do You Know 1970s Slang?
I got 21 of 22 right

You're a real child of the 70's...whether you were alive then or not! You did excellent on this quiz, showing that you know almost everything there is to know about the dialect of the 1970's. Some of it may feel a bit dated now, but a good majority still remains common in our daily language, and we're sure you use it frequently. Good work!

I do not see any reason to limit terminology. Just speak that which resonates with oneself, no matter where it derives. The photo reminds Me of the flights I took on TWA, in which I was given a pin.

Can You Name These 1970s Movies?
I got 17 of 18 right

From Jaws to Taxi Driver, you sure know your 1970s movies! They just don’t make movies like these anymore do they? We had so many movies to choose from it was nearly impossible to pick, and this quiz probably took us longer to make because we got caught up watching these great movies half the time!

Can You Name These 1970s TV Shows?
I got 16 of 16 right

From Archie and Wonder Woman, to The Charlie's Angels, you are truly a 70s TV Master! Maybe you remember cramping around your old big-box TV with the family, TV dinners in hand, and being blown away by the new generation of TV shows.

I used to be a veritable TV Guide Myself, but these shows are worth it. The Satanist and connoisseur of entertainment fair derives gratification from wherever derived, regardless of common designations.

That is a fantastic photo of The Bunkers. I have seen them all many times over, & watch All In The Family now and then.

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