Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,


The Shadowmirror / Daemon Mirror

It was impressed upon Me to add a {black} looking glass {and otherwise highly reflective material} unto the vicinity of The Altar of Satan in order to serve as a Portal. This shall enhance The Ritual Chamber adding a Shadowmantium effect, increase facilitation for Daemonic Forces, and serve as a psycho-projection receptor. Intended as an additional inclusion to the Infernal Tools.


  • To be placed in the light of the full moon and/or during a lunar eclipse, charging from Midnight to dawn.
  • Consecrated with The Hellements: Each traced with The Pentagram.
    • By Hellfire/The Black Flames of Hell {black candle}.
    • By the Raging Waters of Styx/Cocytus {Aspergent/Phallus dipped in Chalice containing "unholy water"; e.g., that consecrated to Leviathan by The Cornu & Pentagram}.
    • By Lucifer's Demonic Winds & Infernal Blacklight {incense}.
    • By The Black Earth {brambles/leaves}.
  • Place either upon The Altar face itself or within near the base, signifying The Abyss.
  • Cover with a black cloth and/or that bearing the pentagram insignia at all times, lain hidden inside the firmament until The Rites of Darkness are initiated.
  • To be revealed first after The Bell is wrung, with The Pentagram traced with the left hand o'er the entire circumference with The Words of Power "In Nomine Satanas, Potentiam Inferus" & recitation of appropriate Enochian Key as to the purpose of The Rite.
  • May also accompany use with Satan's Ouija, Scrying, and Vampiric Communion. ∞
Tags: black book of shadows, greater magic, lair decor, magic, noctuary, oddities, oracles, ouija, psychodrama, psychology, ritual, shadowmantium, total environment, vampirism

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