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Spring back!


It should be obvious that so-called "easter" is completely irrelevant to The Satanist, with the date stipulated by the Catholic Church to assert the nazarene myth as another diversion from pagan revels; in this case, the Vernal Equinox, a celebration of Lust & Fertility, ergo, the references to eggs. All deities pertaining to Lust & Sexual indulgence - Lilith, Ishtar, Dionysus, Pan, Hathor, Aphrodite & Venus, along with the performance of the Hellemental Communion should be enacted.

In this transitional period, the expanse of observations may extend from the Vernal Equinox up to the 27th, or perhaps even through to Walpurgisnacht.

Some secular activities stemming therefrom are useful in the correct perspective. Meals should consist of Corned Beef, cabbage, & potatoes, carrots & maize, accompanied by hearty grog, beer, ale; and also definitely deviled eggs.

The silly 'bunny' is for children, with egg hunts & treat baskets filled with candy dispensed by fauns & satyrs as well. The rabbit is a prey animal, breeding profusely to provide the food of the hunt for predators. Cats, dogs, wolves, snakes, birds of prey, etc.

Therefore, the date of such Spring observances should be appropriately shifted back to the Equinox a week prior, while christian-based & common designations should be ignored; and as such, perhaps could also be referred to as "Beaster" in this sense. ∞

Tags: beaster, dining, equinox, food, holiday, holidays, pagans, psychodrama, psychology of religion, seasonal, seasons in hell, snake, walpurgisnacht

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