Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Fear The Devil

Once in awhile it may be necessary to keep the herd in line, and perhaps last night was one such occurrence. While listening to HORNS |,,|P, the following stream of events transpired.

UNWELCOMEDFear of The Devil

Being a herd holiday, and that they behave as if they share a single brain cell, I would normally just ignore whatever commotion may be occurring in the environment, pursuing My interests and evilution with empowering enrichment. Yet in this instance, I sensed something a bit too close to home. New residents in the vicinity with one of those annoying little pseudo-canines had to be necessarily disciplined and made familiar with the respectful protocol hereabouts.

Porch light ignited {a rare occurrence}, placing a veritable spotlight thereabouts, accompanied by a slow emergence to the creaking door, revealing the UNWELCOMED gargoyle door plaque, then peering out from the shadows {establishing The Devil's Hook}, simultaneous with whispered serpentine Words of Spell. Dispersion soon followed, and all is well in Hell.

Raving lunatic

Within the hour, as all became quiet, a lone random cretin began uttering monosyllabic spewage out into the night, but ceased soon thereafter.

Crash & run

A couple of hours later, a great screeching of tires was heard, followed by the sound of steel crunching against steel, pursued by more screeching of tires, accompanied by scraping metal upon concrete. A quick peek provided the scene of a white van speeding off at a high rate of speed with part of a fender dangling therefrom, soon chased by a red truck.

The smell of arson

Ah, the pleasant smell of burning upon awakening. That unmistakable scent of immolation subtly permeating the atmosphere from afar, along with the sounds of sirens. Perhaps a church? It shall be divulged. [Update: CONFIRMED CBS|KTLA|ABC|LATIMES]

Behold Demonic face in smoke, and serpentine hellfire

Overall, this is what happens when placing a high amount of Daemonic energy into the atmosphere, and it is a pleasing result. Causing madness, accident, immolation, & fear. AVE SATANAS. ∞

Tags: autobiography, biography, black book of shadows, black earth, diary, dracumentary, herd mentality, herd stupidity, magic, misanthropy

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