Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Vernal Equinox L A.S.

Season LeviathanSEASONS IN HELL

Season Leviathan

The seasons are in flux, one upon the other, Great Draegon Ouroboros shifts in timelessness, the earth in kind 'neath the shadow of leathern wings of night. Demon Winds whisper foreboding omens of tempest thrall. Myriad Daemons fearsome, pour forth from Stygian depths through pentangles and archways made of root, thorn, and vine, gates of subterranean recesses from earth and from mind, in darkness peering with glistening eyes.

By Nature's abundant burgeoning, succulent Lilith ever inflamed, offering forbidden fruits of carnal knowledge consumed joyfully in gardens of dark delights, one to another, thy sumptuous maidens emerge to partake from eternal Dionysian founts overflowing.

Monoliths athrust, beaming amidst fog-laden moors, connected resonant, ancient energy flourishing anew, an endless cycle of regeneration, coursing omnipotent. Arise wherein hellements conjoined, phantom forms at All-One, mysteries revealed to those who dwell therein. Remembered and never forgotten. ∞

In Nomine ϟΔ|ΔNΔϟ,

Warlock DRΔ☾☉NIϟ BLΔ☾K|H☉RNE
Vernal Equinox, L A.S. ∞
The Haunted Noctuary

Tags: black earth, equinox, hellmark, magic, nature, seasonal, seasonal greetings, seasonal message, seasons, seasons in hell

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