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Fat Tuesday '04

Satantra Event: Traditionally this day marks the onset of the celebration of the flesh known as Mardi Gras in the Voodoo capitol of United Satanic America, Louisiana. Bourbon Street becomes a carnival of Mephistophelean proportions, filled with revelry and imagination, indulgence and carnal amusements. I had the providence to receive My Ibeje Eleke beads in the post today as well, so all signs point to the lustful commemoration and traditional designation therein. While large crowds are nauseating, the spirit of Damballa {and Dionysus} may be with one in one's own Lair, and it frequently is. This is a great night for feasting and carousing with lovers and friends, enacting those "forbidden" fantasies you dream of. Indulge resposibly, and enjoy yourself!


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