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D A M | E N

DAMIENSuffice it to say that Damien has always been quite distinctive, physically and mentally.* This Damien somehow seems too "light" in overall complexion and acting ability, even while appropriately concentrating solely on the character & story line.

Of course, the familiar Hellhounds return, three in fact, as well as a reincarnation of infernal protector Mrs. Balog in Ann Rutledge. He does discover the birthmark as well.

Filling the gap between Military School graduation and the establishment of Thorn Industries as a war photographer, he apparently endures a bout of amnesia, with some stimulus arriving from various sources to trigger memories of who he truly is, from contact with a mysterious old woman, an interloping priest, to the nazarene vassal, with those wonderful scenes from the films projected. Naturally, all those who 'cross' his left-hand path meet with grisly fates while attempting to thwart his destiny, which can seem unfortunate at times, but ultimately necessary for a greater glory.

So far, this presentation gives the impression of being a rather 'reluctant Antichrist', while Damien has always relished in his Power & identity.

Additionally, it is noted that DAMIEN was not unleashed on June 6th, 2016, 6/6/6, as is tradition with this series.

I look forwards to this manifestation yielding an intensification and acceptance, a full utilization of his diabolical nature, that it may be complementary to the sinematic series. ∞

* In all honesty, I found this Damien to be rather lackluster so far {but it is yet only the inaugural episode}, like taking an unremarkable, regular guy off the street and all of a sudden proclaiming him The Antichrist. We shall see.

ADDENDUM 3/16: Inferior Christian vermin attempted to harm Damien with a dagger of Megiddo, which was justifiably met with impalement for its effrontery; and Damien was escorted down into his own 'Timeless Capsule' chamber {Dracomeroth} by Ms. Rutledge. These are pleasing Devilopments. It is becoming more intriguing. ∞

Tags: 666, antichrist, damien, omen, retroprogression, spechtreum, specthreum, timeless orthodoxies

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