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  • Definition: 1. The hypnogogic sensation caused by a cherubic choral voice upon the listener, especially that of an aria and/or lullaby*, resembling temporary paralysis and/or dormancy; can also be initiated by soft and/or distant church bells; 2. Syrenæde.
  • Theory: Subconscious childhood recollection, evocation, recycling playback. If the cerebrum is primarily focused upon the opposing characterization, leaving the remaining mental resource untapped, the exact extreme may cause a veritable shock to the senses, lulling unto reconnection.
  • Description: Related to "Musick has charms to soothe a savage breast" [q. Congreve], although it could also be 'Beast' as well.
  • Etymology: Derives from siren creatures and their mesmerizing song.
  • Examples: Syrenædes - "Pie jesu" {Sarah Brightman, Paul-Miles Kingston}; All Through The Night {Welsh Lullabye}.

* Which may or may not be accompanied by UR Song Orchestral composition.

Tags: dractionary, literature, musick, psychology

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