Rev. Warlock DRACONIS BLACKTHORNE (dblackthorne) wrote,

Parable of the crosses


The Accuser

The Circus Maximus is in session

An offering left upon the black iron gate shall be sacrificed now. It is an invitation to a memorial of the Jehovah's Witnesses' god of the slaves using the theme of the crucified thieves flanking the apostate insurrectionist*. The patron god of everything rotten, weak, the stupid, retarded, mentally ill, & pathetic.

The parable of the three crosses. Suicidal mental illness, and a justification for theft. The pretension of the nazarene to deem to 'forgive' those rightfully being punished for their misdeeds, to propagate civility, the result of consequence.

Leave it to christinsanity to accept the lowest of the low into its fetters. One who claims to believe in the nazarene madman - what does he have to lose after all, just like those who become incarcerated, then seek the jesus angle to fool others into being reformed or rehabilitated, only to exit and recommit crimes, many times the very same ones. These are defective, and should be incarcerated.**

"Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved." Satanic Rule of The Earth VI.

Very sound advice. Basically, do not take someone else's property unless they voluntarily give it directly to you. If you have received stolen property, or find someone else's property, then either leave it alone or return it to the proper source, whether a lost & found, official, or the owner themselves. There is no "finders keepers" thief / hobo irrationale here. If such rabble refuse to make amends to prove otherwise, then they should be disciplined and ideally have fingers & hands amputated, if not eventually crucified or impaled upon compound offenses, as Vlad & The Romans would have it.

Overall, GET YOUR OWN, not someone else's - no matter what, it is still not yours. Have some honor, some fortitude. GIVE IT BACK, or be subject to the consequences. Better yet, do not take it in the first place.

These are basic life lessons learned in formative development with more intelligent, evolved persons of worth. Yet it seems most of the untermenschen remain in a petty, elementary mentality devoid of improvement, quality substance, and so shall be logically placed. ∞

- Lex Talionis - Lex Satanicus - Legis Draconum -

* Hypocritically, despite the "thou shalt not steal" commandment.
** ...if not eventually executed if persistence ensues, so as to not uselessly leech; and the disgraced family to whom they belong should be charged for the resources used, as The Chinese are wont to do for murder. A serious consideration of /Cause > Effect/; a necessary additional option for those who refuse to learn through "detention centers" & "correctional facilities".

ADDENDUM: An interesting series of events occurred as if to 'defy' this Letter from revealing. A sudden electrical fluctuation, a re-ignition, browser disappearances, previous page reloads, etc. Just petty little obstacles. Yet by The Cornu, focus & persistence prevailed. Ave Satanas. ∞

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