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Journeys Into The Occult


This is a clip from the documentary entitled "Mysteries From Beyond Earth" which has always remained memorable ever since I first saw it on KDOC 56 once upon a time, eventually recording it to add to My collection of Occult videographic arcana, sharing it from time to time with interested parties {sometimes during parties}.

I titled this missive 'Journeys Into The Occult' because of the seemingly changing name of the presentation from 'Mysteries From Beyond Earth' to 'Journeys From Beyond Earth', though I seem to recall it also being called "Journeys Into The Occult" when I saw it. So it occurred to Me recently to search online for this title, though at first it was daunting. I did not even know the name of it, nor the host or date, just that it appeared to be from the "70's". I do love the earthy colorations, mannerisms, folksy music, focus on Nature, The Occult, and wood paneling.

As providence would have it, I finally located it by searching 'witchcraft' 'occult', paranormal', 'parapsychology' documentaries {all favorite subjects}, finally recognizing the tunnel effects used, and the host - one Lawrence Dobkin {10 Commandments, Patton}, whom I learned more favorably also played "Col. Alvin B. Kincaid" in 'Inside Out' from Knight Rider - one of two of what I refer to as "the 'A Team' episodes" - the other being 'A Plush Ride'. I thought he looked familiar! It is also quite amusing that he scurries away nervously after the potent segment, obviously very disturbed, with incorrect passive-aggressive commentary based upon reactive fear, belying his role as proposed impartial narrator. Apparently, it was his one and only documentary hosting.

Downloaded it from youtube via a program, clipped it, uploaded it to '666 KSTN', or "KDRAC" channel, and submitted it to Central. For such should be specifically preserved in the Church of Satan Archives forever. According to Magus Gilmore, the clip features The Karnak Grotto of Santa Cruz, CA {'Lost Boys' terrortory}, which subsequently included another acquaintance of The Gentleman Downstairs.

The rest of the presentation features many of the subjects I have always been fascinated by, inspirational relations driving one to actually participate in these experiences and experiments. A video documentation of all those books I have studied, from Edgar Cayce to Seth Speaks, tomes on Kabbalah to the Goetia, parapsychology, unexplained anomalies, psychic abilities, mysterious monoliths, crypotozoology, etc., an overall wide range of Occult lore. Even from a Dracling, possessing the Time/Life "Wizards & Witches" and "Mysteries of The Unknown" book series, reading the "Man, Myth, & Magic" series at libraries, Fate magazine, and more, all of which evolved one into a veritable walking, talking, breathing encyclopedia of The Occult. Always more than just a spectator for something 'weird', but a serious study and application, an actual practitioner oneself, a very personification oneself. Following one's 'birthright'. It could be said that being a Satanist, one is a natural already, as Magic is a constant flow and state of being. "Made of Magic", as it were. And so it is.

For the Kirlian Photography segment for instance, I attended a course in Parapsychology at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, CA, instructed by a student of Dr. Thelma Moss', Dr. Dianne Morrissey, wherein I excelled in all exhibits presented, from I-Ching, Tarot, runes, clairvoyance, telepathy, and telekinesis. A natural, to the amazement of other participants. These are tools & techniques to help sharpen, maximize, and stimulate latent abilities as part of the total cerebrum and natural senses; and time and again, it is evident that via the scientific method, science fiction frequently becomes science fact, and that every legend carries a nugget of truth. What Witches and Warlocks have been operating of course throughout history, science will someday perhaps explain in technical terms. Ergo, "What is more important is not so much the particular ingredients in a bowl of soup, but the overall taste." [paraphrased, LaVey]

This presentation is a fine introduction into the world of Parapsychology, offering basic samples into many of the techniques, history, experimentation, and realms of the Occult. A study into what Magus LaVey identified as that "large gray void between psychology and religion". It is human nature to explore the inner and outer reaches of existence. If the Church of Satan segment is the personal religion, the rest is like a macrocosm of The Black Earth displaying the Mysteries of Satanature, which one resonates with, projects, incarnates, and manifests. ∞

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